‘Attack on Sisters’ Ji-won admitted, “I have been Lee Bong-won’s woman for 2 and a half years” Park Mi-sun’s back neck

Trot singer Jiwon-i, who came to the new counseling talk show ‘Attack on Sisters – Trouble Cut Salon’, introduced herself as ‘Lee Bong-won’s wife’ and Park Mi-sun’s jealousy exploded.

Trot singer Ji Won-i, who won the title ‘Trot-type Beyoncé’ with tight leggings, is coming to ‘Attack’s Sisters’ to be broadcast on the 31st. Seeing Jiwon in hot red leggings, Park Mi-haul was stunned with her mouth wide open. Ji-won admitted, “I really wanted to see Director Mi-sun Park,” which confused Mi-sun Park. Next, Jiwon made a startling comment, “I’ve been Lee Bongwon’s woman for two and a half years,” and Park Mi-sun, who was smiling, panicked and fell into confusion with Jang Young-red and Kim Ho-yeong .

Kim Ho-young tried to grasp the situation, saying, “What does this mean?”, and Jang Young-red shouted, “What if I say that here?” In the end, Park Mi-sun grabbed the back of her neck by saying, “Turn down the lid,” but she soon said, “Sit down. What are you talking about?” He tried to find his excitement. Jiwon, who laughed embarrassedly, explained, “I watched pro MC music for two and a half years with Lee Bong-won,” and only then did 3MC laugh in relief.

However, still worrying about the breakup, when Ji-won heard Lee Bong-won say, “This is the most beautiful appearance I’ve ever seen,” Mi-sun Park said, “Are you someone who can say that? Did you say he’s pretty?” She was surprised. Park Mi-sun said, “You’re good for other girls… She said bitterly (?) and told Ji-won, “The you take care of your troubles and go.” Jang Young-red made a threat, saying, “You’re in trouble, Ji-win,” and Ji-win stomped her feet again, causing laughter with a restless look.

The counseling site, which is close to what Jiwon, who has become Park Mi-sun’s rival (?) in an instant, will be revealed on ‘Attack Sisters’, which is broadcast at 8: 20pm on Tuesday the 31st.

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Junsu Lee (junsoo@etnews.com)

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