‘Attack On Sisters’ Trot Goddess Jiwon “I can hear trash because of my leggings”

In ‘Attack on Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’, Park Mi-sun, Jang Young-red, and Kim Ho-young solve their troubles by comforting the storytellers who have suffered various truths and difficulties.

On Channel S ‘Attack Sisters (a joint production between Media S and SK Broadband)’, broadcast on January 31st, came the goddess of Trot leggings, Jiwon. Jiwon admitted her anxiety, “I want to tear off my trademark legs, but is that right?” 10 years ago, Jiwon leggings became a topic of discussion because they were unconventional in the trot world, but they also attracted the neglect of older people. He revealed that he “spent 100 million won just for the production of leggings,” and also revealed the story of how he became interested in leggings (?).

However senior trot said, “Hey, trash like you… There was a time when he insulted me with a shocking comment, saying, “Anything like a dog bone rolling anywhere, Trot is cursed because of a kid like you .” Jiwon had asked the company representative if she could stop wearing leggings, but it was realistically difficult because she was asked to designate a color for each company at the event. In response, Park Mi-sun said, “If your heart becomes stronger and firmer, it won’t be a problem with leggings. If you work hard and achieve a position, are leggings really important?”

Then, the speaker of the special cleaner who cleans the garbage house expressed his concern, saying, “Workers keep running away.” The storyteller’s work environment is a site of great difficulty, with large and small rubbish making mountains in the house and sometimes even animal carcasses, so many workers ran away on the same day. The storyteller also took up this job because of a debt of 300 million won, and was hardly modified by a continuous futile nausea. However, he felt great satisfaction in the work, saying, “When I help clients with difficult stories and clean their houses, the before and after comparison is clear, so the sense of achievement is amazing.” The older sisters provided him with a robot vacuum cleaner to clean his own house as a treat.

On the other hand, a storyteller who has been living as a shaman since her early twenties came to visit, saying, “How can I break the bad relationship between shamans?” The bad relationship that the 25-year-old Sayeonja wanted to break was her ex-husband, and the ex-husband also worked as a shaman. The ex-husband approached him by taking care of the storyteller who had a bad home, and as soon as he first met the storyteller, who was a minor, he took him to a motel and continued the bad relationship .

He told the storyteller, “You must marry yourself. And if you don’t run away, your father will sell you to death.” However, the current ex-husband insisted on reporting the child’s death because he did not want to hand over his property, and even spread a false rumor on the Internet that ‘the storyteller is not a shaman and that his daughter is not biological. son’ and it was disturbing the storyteller. The older sisters comforted the narrator, and Mi-sun Park lightened the narrator’s mood with a joke saying, “If you look at what you’ve been through, you can be friends with me.”

Finally, DJ Peach appeared, who looks like a doll. DJ Peach, who came to Korea from Russia for 5 years because of K-POP, expressed surprising concerns, saying, “Men ask me how big I am.” DJ Peach was angry, saying, “There is a misunderstanding that Europeans will meet easily.” How old are you?” The real men who approached her not only sent social media messages, but also made rude comments even while eating in a restaurant. Even her boyfriend was Korean, whom she dating, often asking DJ Pitch a rude question, “What’s the penis size of Korean men?” In response, Park Mi-sun said, “You should have told me that you are very small,” and threw an excited stone fastball.

The true men who contacted DJ Peach didn’t stop there. When his former manager refused to sexually harass him, the manager even falsely reported him as a host to the Immigration Office to prevent DJ Pitch from extending his visa. He said, “I worked it out with a lawyer,” and he said, “I won in the end,” and 3MC didn’t hold back their praise. Park Mi-sun, who even gave Peach the Korean name ‘Peach’, said she was trying to settle down in Korea despite facing many realities, encouraged her, saying, “I I hope you will be happy in Korea with a better look.”

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Junsu Lee (junsoo@etnews.com)

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