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Day three of the third Test between India and South Africa. India lost seven wickets in the second innings. Valet Umesh Yadav arrives at the crease. The South African pace bowlers received more than they needed from the pitch. They smelled blood.

At one end stood India’s wicket-keeper-batsman. The young man was on the verge of his first Test century on South African soil. But he did not want to think about it. India had a lead of 183 runs. The priority at that time was to present a great total to the Indian team.

South African pacer Olivier throws a short ball outside the stumps. India’s wicket-keeper pulls it over mid-on – six! Everyone was shocked to see that hit which was completely extraordinary.


Commentator Mike Heismann commented: ‘This batter brings the techniques of baseball into cricket. No wonder so. His name is Rishabh Pant …! ‘

Umesh (0) was out before the surprise created by Rishabh’s freak shot. Mohammad Shami came in ninth. South Africa’s plan was to keep Rishabh at the non – striker end for as long as possible. The field was prepared according to that strategy.

Rishabh did his best to protect Shami. He ran singles and doubles and moved the scoreboard. The ability kept the strike on its own. Thus India’s lead crossed two hundred. But Shami lost the wicket by playing an unnecessary shot.

Rishabh realized that there was no point in waiting any longer. Rishabh started the attack by witnessing Jaspreet Bumra, India’s last batsman. Rabada’s ball crossed the boundary through a long off. Rishabh completed his century in the next over. A Test century off just 133 balls on a pitch that was extremely difficult to bat!

Rishabh did not make his personal achievement a big celebration. His only goal was to increase India’s lead. But with Bumra surrendering, India were all out for 198.

Disappointed, Rishabh walked back. More than half of Team India’s runs came from Rishabh’s bat! Indian coach Rahul Dravid stood up and applauded Rishabh.



Rishabh’s innings were really like a boxing match. The South African team suffered heavy setbacks.

Rishabh started the match after losing to veterans Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane. Pujara and Rahane were caught in the extra bounce on the Cape Town pitch. Rishabh played pull shots and square cuts as South Africa threw bouncers.

A ball from Lungi Ngidi hits Rishabh’s body. Rishabh, who was in pain, was mocked by South African captain Dean Elgar. The reply to Elgar followed. Disappeared through NGD’s last delivery cover.



Rishabh injured his finger while batting. The team physio had to take the stage. After that, Rishabh proved his mettle by hitting consecutive sixes against spinner Keshav Maharaj.

South African pace bowler Marco Johnson was seen throwing the ball towards his opponent in frustration at not being able to get Rishabh out. Rishabh still has not lost his composure. That’s it.

Many criticize Rishabh as an immature player. But Rishabh, who is just 24 years old, has already scored Test centuries in Australia, England and South Africa. Rishabh was at the helm of India’s historic victory in the last tour of Australia. Cape Town’s century comes as India look to win their first Test series in South Africa.



Rishabh is a special talent after all. There is no other wicket-keeper-batsman in the history of Test cricket who has achieved so much at such a young age!

There was an incident in the Cape Town Test that proved Rishabh’s commitment to the game. The bat slipped from Rishabh’s hand as he jumped from the crease and tried to play the shot! The bat flew close to the square leg umpire! Everyone, including Rishabh, burst out laughing. But then Rishabh touched his bat. The cameras captured the scene.

Rishabh has the utmost respect for the cricket bat that brought him here. He loves cricket very much. That’s why this ‘naughty guy’ keeps making us happy …!

English Summary: Rishabh Pant’s Century On Day 3 Of Cape Town Test



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