Attacking Bangkok Governor Chatchat Sitthiphan’s house for the first time, chatting comfortably in a private corner

He invaded Bangkok Governor Chatchat Sitthiphan’s house for the first time, chatting comfortably in a private corner with Sandee’s son, who flew back to Thailand, on Channel 3’s popular Thai Krua programme.

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Channel 3

05.05 am World of Thailand Lamai Take me for a solo trip to Kham Phung There is a secret cafe like Grandma’s Farmstay, located in Tambon Kham Phung, Amphoe Pho Chai.
2:15 p.m conspiracy Bangkok governor’s house attacked Chatting Professor Sitthiphan The first time with the house opening of Bangkok’s strongest governor in the country, chatting comfortably in Ajarn Chatchart’s private corner with his son very nice who recently flew back to Thailand And to help add to the cuteness corner of Ajarn Chatchat in the corner that’s Grandma’s cool son. and attraction without visualization

4:45 p.m Lizard chow chow Amazed! contaminated ganesh part Boom! Jedi planted a ghost tree in the house.

Channel 7
18.00 CHEF COIN BID Kratip – Ball – Mom – Cook Jom Fight against each other for the championship throne.

Channel 24 True Four You

12:30 p.m Kottay Mr Please kiss your mother. What will the story be? When an ordinary man like Fred Flarsky has a heart attack. Let’s flirt with some loud things.

Channel MONO29

5:30 p.m DNA TALK overcomes the prototype Thailand’s top businessman Plague Iberry Mr (iberry) or full name Ms Pla-Atchara Burarak CEO, founder of a famous Thai restaurant brand from a small step in the ice cream business Healthy home healthy success

18.00 top spy history Jack Reacher Former Army Auditor intends to come to an account James Barr The accused killed five people after he promised he would never kill again. But before everything is clear, Jack Reacher is drawn into the investigation of the young prosecutor Helen Rodin, who serves as a defense attorney. as she tries to save James Barr from being executed. But the more I investigate, the more I see that the story has complex clues.

10:30 p.m angel hand doctor Year 1 at the end, Dr Cha Yohan finally proved his skill. and solve the most difficult diseases to diagnose. He discovered that playing the piano can also help treat the disease for the patient. causing the pupils to respect and continue to study in the hospital again

11:50 p.m Reverse the hunting formula, allocate bipolar The story of a young policeman Max Lewinsky The person who failed to catch the liquid from chasing England’s best criminal, Jacob Sternwood, from this incident leaves many physical and mental scars on Max to take his revenge in the Ex-Max tries to do whatever he needed to drag Jacob’s neck. to his legal punishment.

Channel One 31

18.00 The All Star Voice Coach Joey arranges a double show Sour Sprite Battle Show off a captivating voice, make a trainer pop, enjoy watching until you forget to comment.

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