Attacks at the time on Russia’s mainland border…Putin must “stop everything”

On the 2nd local time, shootings and drone strikes occurred in various places in the western and southwestern regions of Russia, which border Ukraine.

As Russian opposition groups say they have launched an attack, Putin says attempts to shake Russia must be stopped.

According to Reuters and Sputnik communications, the Governor of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said via Telegram that “a shell fell on the road in the Shebekino region” and “shrapnel hit the vehicle and killed two women.”

“Two people in the other vehicle were also seriously injured and taken to hospital,” he said.

Belgorod is a region used as an invasion route by the Russian military because it shares the border with northeastern Ukraine, and has been under attack every day.

Shelling also damaged several houses in Bryansk Oblast, another province bordering Ukraine, and two drones attacked fuel and energy facilities in Smolensk Oblast, which borders Belarus.

The Russian dissident group ‘Russian Free Corps’ said on Telegram that they were fighting Russian troops for the second day in the Belgorod region, and claimed that “the enemy mistakenly destroyed our vehicles” due to civilian damage.

At the regular National Security Council, President Putin stressed that “attempts by bad guys to shake Russia are increasing” and that “everything must be done to prevent this from happening under any circumstances.”


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