Attempted killing by food poisoning, blurred vision; Crime Branch investigation into Saritha’s complaint

Thiruvananthapuram: Solar case accused of Saritha S. Complaint that they tried to kill Nair several times by adding a chemical substance to his food. The crime branch registered a case and started investigation. According to the complaint, Saritha’s former driver Vinu Kumar poisoned the food. It is also stated in the complaint that the murder was planned by conspiring with the persons mentioned in the earlier complaint filed by Saritha.

Accused Vinukumar had mixed poison in her food and juice several times. According to the complaint, Saritha has developed serious health problems and the vision in her left eye has diminished. It also caused toxic substances such as arsenic, mercury and lead to enter the body.

According to the complaint, since September 1, 2014, Vinu Kumar has been trying to kill Saritha for financial gain. Since then he had been looking for work as Sarita’s driver. The driver tried to work after conspiring with several accused in the complaint filed by Saritha. Then many times Sarita got poison in her food and juice. It is said in the FIR that Vinu Kumar made a lot of financial gain through this.

One day when he went to give a statement to the CBI, he suspected that Saritha was being poisoned when he saw powder mixed in the juice he had bought from a bakery in Karamana. Sarita saw that Vinu Kumar was adding the powder from the packet to the juice. With this, sarita sarita the juice. Saritha’s complaint is that she added poison to her food many times without her knowledge, causing health problems that could even lead to death.

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