Attempts to escape after serial murder… Police review identity disclosure

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CCTV footage was captured of a man who killed a missing woman and an accomplice one after another, entering the accommodation after committing the second murder.

The perpetrator also had a large suitcase, and it appears he was planning to escape.

Correspondent Kim Ji-in.

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On the afternoon of the 5th, a white light car drove into a hotel.

This car was driven by Kwon Mo, a man in his 50s who killed a missing woman and an accomplice.

An hour later, the police arrive.

The police pulled out a large black suitcase that Kwon was carrying.

This suitcase was full of clothes, but police believe Kwon was planning to escape.

At the time of the arrest, Kwon was with another woman, and it was investigated that it had nothing to do with the crime Kwon committed.

Kwon was arrested on charges of robbery and murder.

The woman in her 50s, who died on the morning of the 4th, had known Kwon for several months and was killed while arguing in a building in Michuhol-gu, Incheon.

Kwon withdrew millions of won in cash after committing the crime using the credit card password that the woman found out before her death.

At around 12 noon the next day, the accomplice lured the accomplice to the cliff of the mountain in Eulwang-ri, and killed it with a blunt weapon.

Kwon said, “I had an argument with an accomplice in the process of sharing money, and I killed him when he said he would report it to the police.”

However, the police believe that, “Given that he prepared a blunt weapon and lured him to the cliff, there is a possibility that the murder was planned to cover up the crime.”

The police are reviewing plans to disclose personal information such as name and face, saying that Kwon’s means of crime were brutal and serious damage occurred.

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