Attendance at the general meeting, influence on personnel management?

Police Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun. random news

Amidst internal protests against the attendees of the National Meeting of Chiefs of Police (Superintendents’ Meeting), who opposed the establishment of a new police department by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security over the regular telegram greetings of the chief police officers on the 2nd, National Police Agency Commissioner Yoon Hee said -geun, “Competencies and qualities are It is basic, and this is the personnel result presented after careful consideration by integrating the so-called sepyeong, such as public service, a sense of responsibility, and various evaluations inside. and outside the company over a long period of time.”

Commissioner Yoon said at a regular press conference held at the Seodaemun-gu Police Agency in Seoul on the 6th, “The superintendent promoted 135 people with a multiple rank system this time, and there are about 800 people. I take various considerations as the person in charge of personnel matters,” he said. Commissioner Yoon said, “It is impossible to explain the standards for all 457 people to be recruited this time,” and said, “As the number of positions increased by 58 through the grading system multiple sites, it is time to make changes to the current personnel rules.”

The National Police Agency previously issued an explanation that “it is not known who attended the meeting.” In answer to the question, “I started inspecting all the attendees immediately after the inspector’s meeting, but the list was not understood at all?” Don’t you know? ” he said. Commissioner Yoon also showed a rather sharp reaction, saying, “Didn’t you fully interpret it?”

Previously, in December last year, the Central Disciplinary Committee of the National Police Agency imposed a heavy disciplinary penalty of 3 months suspension on Superintendent Ryu Sam-yeong, who led the superintendent meeting. Before this, the Citizens Inspection Committee of the National Police Agency recommended a light punishment for Superintendent Ryu, but Commissioner Yoon did not accept it and asked for a heavy punishment.

Despite successive explanations from the National Police Agency, opposition within the force does not appear to be diminishing. Superintendent Ryu will hold a press conference this afternoon at the National Police Memorial Park in front of the National Police Agency. Commissioner Yoon said, “It’s a 3-month disciplinary period for honesty, and it’s hard (to answer) for things that haven’t happened yet.”

It is known that the local unit of the Police Employees Association, which is the equivalent of the police union, is also preparing a statement criticizing the personnel appointment. A front-line police officer said, “Internally, there is a sarcasm called the ‘revenge rank system’ in the sense of using it for revenge.”

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