Attention PC girls! “Lenovo LOQ (Lenovo Lock)” is a beginner-friendly brand for gaming PCs – Dengeki Online

On March 24, Lenovo Japan announced a new gaming PC brand “Lenovo LOQ” and four new products in the “Legion” gaming PC series.

In this article, we will present the new product launch report.

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Perfect for first time gaming PC buyers! “Lenovo LOQ” is a beginner friendly brand!

The new brand “Lenovo LOQ” announced this time intends to develop products that will be an entrance to PC gaming. Over the past few years, the number of people who enjoy playing games using personal computers has increased, and I believe that the options for gaming computers have expanded greatly.

If you have some knowledge about personal computers, it will not be difficult for you to choose the one that suits you best. However, I think that many people trying to play games on a PC for the first time do not know which model to choose.

In such cases, we aim for easy-to-understand applications and simple product names that can be chosen without hesitation. The product presentation of the brand “Lenovo LOQ” in Japan will be around the summer of 2023, so I would like to look forward to its appearance.

From powerful desktops to high-performance gaming notebooks!Desktop PCs also feature beautiful LED lighting

From here, we will present the products that were actually displayed in the presentation.

Lenovo Legion Tower 7i

This is a gaming computer with a 13th generation Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080. Since it has a water-cooled cooler, it effectively cools the inside.

It is a product that is not only a performance but also an appearance, and the front panel in front of it has a three-dimensional and distinctive design.

In addition, the LED lights are one of the attractions, and the logo part at the front and the fan part at the back light up. The good thing is that even if you use flashy colors, you can look beautiful without feeling bright.

Lenovo Legion Pro 7i

This is a high-performance gaming notebook with an Intel Core i9 processor and the “RTX40 series”. Equipped with 4-way exhaust, a feature of the “Legion” series, it can be used continuously without reducing performance by efficiently releasing heat.

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i / Lenovo Legion Pro 5

This is also a gaming laptop with the “RTX40 series” and an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor. With a high refresh rate display of 240Hz, you can play games without stress.

“Lenovo LOQ”

Finally, a “Lenovo LOQ” product was also displayed as a reference exhibit. The details are still unknown, but the simple and quiet design seems to be good for carrying around.

“Lenovo LOQ” for beginners, “Legion” series for those who are used to it!

The newly announced brand “Lenovo LOQ” gives the impression that gamers who have never played games on a PC before will have a chance to touch a gaming PC, if at all, for beginners in the field rice

It seems that you can use the “Lenovo LOQ” product as the first entry, and then switch to the high-performance “Legion” series when you get used to it.

In addition, the “Legion” series also has a desktop computer, so is a gaming notebook a little unsatisfactory? It’s also a good place to be able to transition smoothly to a desktop computer when you think about it.

“Lenovo LOQ” products are expected to appear around the summer of 2023, so I’m looking forward to the announcement.