“Atthawit” vows to re-election, believes, does not seize power, do not send signals like this

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28 Jan 2022 12:59 p.m.

“Attawit” enters the last corner of the election, reiterating that there is no effect on changing the prime minister Please decide on quality politics. Choose a party that dares to believe that there is no seizing power. Ask the Leader of the Opposition Don’t send this signal. because of the impact on the economy

On January 28, 65, Mr. Attwit Suwanphakdi, a candidate for re-election Chatuchak District – Lak Si No. 2, the Kla Party met the people’s brothers and sisters on Soi Vibhavadi 64 since the morning by inviting people to listen to the speech this evening. At the Tha Sai football stadium, Lak Si and a campaign to invite people from Chatuchak – Lak Si came out to exercise the right to vote for Gaber 2 on January 30, with the people’s brothers coming to greet and encourage I wish you to win in this election. because he wanted Mr. Attawit to help negotiate problems in the area

Mr. Attawit said that over the past ten years We have always elected politicians by dividing camps. Choose with some worry, fear, some hate. This time, people are asked to make quality choices. and this election no matter which party you choose No effect to change the Prime Minister The Prime Minister is still General Prayut Chan-o-cha, this election is therefore not quantitatively effective. But the important thing is the qualitative election. Members of the House of Representatives

As for working in the council Will it be the opposition or the government? As for if there is a vote of no-confidence debate If there is no corruption Vote for the Prime Minister because still should not change horses in the middle of battle as well as discussing the annual budget. Must vote for sure.

Mr. Attawit also spoke about his confidence in this election that confident in the sound But most importantly, I want the brochures to be sent out. Seeing the work during the 7 years as a member of parliament, he worked very hard. including drafting more than 20 laws, infrastructure work that coordinates a lot of people’s understanding If you see the work I’m sure we are tight on this matter.

As for the news of the seizure of power, Mr Attwit said that he personally does not believe that there will be a coup. Ask the Leader of the Opposition not to send this kind of signal. While our economy is faltering I believe that there are no signs at all.

While the expectations of votes in the barracks Mr. Attawit said Getting into the barracks was difficult. Lots of steps But he used to be a representative in a constituency with a lot of military camps like Phayathai. Used to be very trusted We understand the nature of the military. Recently, we went to the Royal Thai Army 11th troop. The soldiers gave us a very good reception, of course it was difficult to get in. If you can get in right away He gave a good response, still confident, will have to see how the score will come out. In the past, whether working in the military field, we went to look. When there is any activity

As for meeting with Dr. Trairong Suwankhiri, former Deputy Prime Minister At the residence yesterday, Mr. Attawit said that after meeting Dr. Trairong, it appears that the NACC calls a lot of brothers and sisters, giving a lot of encouragement and telling friends and relatives in the Chatuchak-Laksi area to choose. It’s a sign, always warm, many adults in the PDP, just the political philosophy at the moment. when we go forward We want to see dynamic politics. Therefore, we may see differently. But in being brothers and sisters, everyone is always cute.

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