“Attorney Ananchai” submitted an examination to the Director General of the Provincial Administration Department, petitioning for the dissolution of the association “Srisuwan” for 7 months, no progress

“Attorney Ananchai” submitted an examination to the Director General of the Department of Provincial Administration. After crying out for the dissolution of the association “Srisuwan” for 7 months, no progress, complaining about delays in work, “Sereepisuth” reveals that “Sonthiya” has been killed in 2 cases.

at 8:30 am on 14 December 2022 in parliament Mr. Ananchai Chaiyadej Attorney presents letter to Pol Gen. Sereepisuth Temeeyaves Chairman of the Commission (KMU) to fight corruption and misconduct House of Representatives (NACC.) investigate and prosecuteDirector General of the Department of Provincial Administration and staff after refusing to withdraw Association for the Protection of the Constitution of Thailand oh Mr Srisuwan Janya

Attorney Ananchai He said that since June 6, he had submitted a letter to the Director General of the Department of Provincial Administration for the examination of Mr. Srisuwan. To this day, for more than 7 months, the Provincial Administration Department and officials are still working late like a crawling turtle. In the past, many people asked about the progress. But he was lazy to answer the question when Mr. Srisuwan is withdrawn. It was seen that Mr Srisuwan’s actions caused harm to many respondents.

“Some people have jobs in the government service. Mr. Srisuwan complained until he had to be released from government service and finally, when investigating The disciplinary examination committee was established, and he was innocent, but he had to lose his future. Unable to fix it, however, the matter was silent,” said Mr. Ananchai.

Mr. Ananchai he said that every respondent had an impact having no career and no money and a ruined reputation. There was no meeting. including ordinary general meetings, extraordinary general meetings, director election meetings The balance sheet was not sent, but it gathered evidence. and submitted 8 files to the Director General of the Department of Provincial Administration, but there was no progress for several months.

Mr. Ananchai He said that the latest complaint from Mr. Srisuwan related to the dissolution of the Thai Pheu Party. who has a few sheets of paper questioning why China’s gray capital was not explored, which is more of a problem.

“Srisuwan’s complaints consisted of two things: singing and beating chings, that is, singing to prevent others from singing. The matter was quiet. The second is actually singing. But there is no scrutiny. Can’t hear the words.

Attorney Ananchai It was emphasized that the people born were very damaged, and that they also affected relatives, friends and superiors. The whole system was damaged, and in the last year, Mr. Now he has no patience with such actions. therefore presenting the letter Pol Gen. Sereepisuth to investigate If it is found that he has neglected his duties, prosecute the Director General of the Department of Provincial Administration, including government officials. To give an example of late work.

side Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth Thanks to Attorney Ananchai Along with noting that 7 months he has not received an answer from the Department of Provincial Administration. He thought it shouldn’t take so long. Provincial Administration Department working late. which, if it is in the nature of the lazy Thai people

“As Khun Srisuwan You have already seen it and gone to present any matter. but undocumented providing this type of evidence Going to submit 2 single books accusing him by claiming constitutional rights but regardless of who’s harm And he himself admitted to the media at every step that he was being paid. private access Not admitted to society,” said Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth.

Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth he said that such It is a dishonest trick. If Mr Srisuwan was a civil servant, he would be dead. because there is discipline Now he also filed a legal case against Mr. Srisuwan for more than a year. but still no progress

“The brothers and sisters asked the people why they did not act. It’s too sparkling I’d like to inform you that it’s not up to me.”Pol Gen said. Sereepisuth.

Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth also mentioned Sonthiya Sawasdee Mr Former Advisor to the Commission on Law, Justice and Human Rights of the House of Representatives who also likes to file complaints and try to find benefits He has sued Mr. Sonthiya 3 cases, 2 of which admit to the corner.