Aubrey Day from Dumblonde and Shannon Bex on "Bianca"

Dumblonde, the duo composed of Aubrey 's Day and Shannon Bex, was formed in 2014 after the third final album they played as a group of television girls Diddy, Danity Kane. The day and the member Dawn Richard, who has a solo career also praised him, engaged in heated physical nutrition during a recorded session for that album, which brought them forward online and in interviews. The result was the dissolution of the very public, very false Trio.

The formation of Dumblonde's music and image quickly followed. Following the discovery of images of the two almost identical flasks of the music they were preparing, the group's self-titling album came in September 2015. The 11 pop dances were populated by a casual fake. -x-pop made by Bex and is famous for 'Day' with 80s owed by electronic, harmonized complex, and left production from the center. The pair shared writing duties with Candice Pillay's hitmaker and produced with R8DIO and Dem Jointz. He found songs like "Dreamsicle," "White Lightning," "Car on On", and "Remember Me" conceptual video treatment, which coordinated Day and Bex.

If you have ever been a Danity Kane, it was almost impossible not to have an extensive width and resourcefulness of Dumblonde. Within their first album cycle, they expressed themselves as matching American Horror Story: Cúvenwitches style, children Day Coal rack, swimsuit glam models, and more. Dumblonde he made charts in the Top 20 of the Billboard Top Dance / Electronic Albums, Heatseekers and Independent Albums charts within his first week of release. Here are two indents that proved they were nothing but dumb.

Following this creative output of Beyoncé, the women returned to their everyday lives, in constant contact: Bex is a married mother in Oregon; Is in O & # 39; Day or Instagram sponge queen is not afraid to share her feminist views online. It is worth noting here that their head and yang are the glue that exploits their bond that cannot break. As Day explains: "Shannon is my own person: she will be a morning of honor when I get married. The Shannon will pick out my casket, or she will be scrambling about how I chose the casket." wrong. "

The catalyst for their sonic reunification was the trauma of the Day. Again, she asked her sister Bex, and they both wrote the song that would eventually create. bianca. This time around, they drew inspiration from Mick's exciting story and Bianca Jagger, whose album has been named for him. His eight songs are o'clock in any business directly at 26 minutes; Bianca married Mick at the age of 26. The tracks of the album are listed to compose the phrases "Happy that I got my way out. I love myself." ("When you do album concepts, you don't have any rules to play," says Day). Also, due to fancy fashion and significant moments of the style icon, it was not difficult on Bex and Day's visual references drawn from the Bianca archive.

"People didn't see us as the people who were in charge of creating their own music."

As they launched the first "warm white compatible", renamed as "in" on the album, again, the Studio 54 disco surfaces are featured on images of both. It was okay to match the sound, so this time, Bex and O 'Day introduced live tools,' 70s funk loop, sparkling streams, and harmoniously scarce, rich to feel the music era hairy, love this catch. The words of the song are confident and direct, singing as if the pain of the feeling is a long memory: "You love more than you love," found "; "I found my feeling back inside" in that "; and, of course, "Your warm white is electrifying me."

For their first album, the duo admits that they wanted to create something for their audience who had stuck through all the intensity and intensity of Danity Kane. Currently, Danity Kane is "up," so to speak, with DAWN, and only a stage tour called The Universe is to break. New music is pending, depending on how things progress. These days, Bex and Day are more relaxed, renewed and feeling more realistic than ever about their future, but not being more focused. Here's how they got their light.

The first album was more 80s dance-pop and bianca '70s disco and funk bites. Why the specific change?

Day: t For us, it starts out visually mainly. Shannon and I have been looking through Studio 54's old photographs and trembling the whole era that was like. Bianca Jagger was also an icon in the Studio 54 era; embodied everything that was and was. I started revisiting her life and her story and watching her marriage with Mick Jagger. It was very similar to the relationship I got out of, thanks to Shannon, I wrote about that for this album because that was my heart. On this album I wanted to say some knock on what was going on. As I began to see the disaster between Mick and Bianca, he felt very similar to my relationship with him. I thought she would be a perfect heroine to build everything.

What is the concept album you have in general? Especially when there are so many artists today focused on streaming records.

Day: t I'm all under the concept album. I know that it is something of the past to consider, but I choose a concept album to really do as that is what I fell in love with growing up. Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson, is just to say; The Monitoring of Lauryn Hill album is a unified concept, united from start to finish. Even the pop artists who grew up from Christina to Britney. A album of concepts is much harder to create and takes a lot of your talent as an artist together. We listened to 70s music for two months just to find out how artists got in touch with ad-libs then. They sing many small keys, and we have to find out what you take completely from the 70s or keep you full in the 70s, in terms of music. And there are lots of things that people do not want for 70 years, both in terms of productivity and music.

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You know both of you are hitting shapes into their glam balloons. When did you realize that you would be good together as two?

Shannon BexOne thing we noticed in Danity Kane is that we are the two blondes; we were the two white girls who should be the most competitive; we were the buckle, but wise personality, we are yin and yang. We complement each other well because of that. However, as was the name of Dumblonde, we would like to show that we could look the same and harmoniously but still we are powerful independent women. So it's kind of a reflection of your own light and power for a girl too.

Day: t When we first started this, we saw that you were this power duo of two fancy, sexy robots. I wanted to play dynamically on how sighted we can look like each other but we are completely opposite. There was something about two women who are not afraid to be seeing each other empowering after being in Danity Kane, because Danity Kane was always struggling over the clothing rack and getting the best costumes so that you could stand out. Everyone was always trying to stand out; everyone was always trying to overcome each other. It was always the most different race in the room, and I wanted to show the peace and confidence that Shannon and I showed as a unit, and as separate women.

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Within girls' groups, female pop artists are often asked to join. How did Dumblonde fight against that?

Day: t Blending into is much harder than standing out. Anyone can stand out; you can make one million choices to stand out, but in reality there is more control over merger. At one point in my life, this famous rapper was that I can't name being trying to be with me and he was blowing me daily. I like, I have to go on a date and I have to see what it might be. Shannon reminded me that I did this before, so it wouldn't be different this time. She told me that everything, especially when I was there, did what a special person does. It takes you more control and makes good choices for yourself. We learned this hard way in Danity Kane, much more. Even with Dawn – who is killing a solo career – and reuniting us, it is difficult to come back and locks into a group. Shannon and I have disciplined ourselves over the years to come together. But we also remember the start of Danity Kane, when everyone was coming out of line or just two inches in front of the other. But the picture is much better when you can learn to come together in the greatest interest.

I recently interviewed Dawn and said that these three days are much more realistic. It defines concepts about how women are expected to behave together: to have conflict or to coincide. Your relationship is somewhere in the middle.

Day: t We are all together since I was 17 years old, so I was in the longest relationship with Danity Kane, especially in Shannon. Shannon and Dawn are back in my life and I want the other girls as well, but Shannon is my own; she will be my morning of honor when I marry. Shannon will have to pick out my budget, or she will scrape a grave about how I chose the wrong chest. [Laughs] Shannon and I were the two people who moved on to Danity Kane and did not leave the group. As a result, we communicate so well, from our sight to the sound we have, but we are completely comfortable with the people we have as individuals, and we are not defined by the other. We are a family. And we are with Dawn as long as she said, it feels good that we can all come together. We would not come together if it was fake.

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Are there long-term plans with Danity Kane? Album? New videos? More touring?

Day: t I think we're just going with it. I am always rocking with the Shannon and while we are both happy, we will get to grips with Danity Kane. I reached Dawn to sort things between us, just at human level. Danity Kane was not the main reason I wanted to talk to her. I didn't want to leave it at what happened in the studio that day. I was going through a lot of therapy at a time. I got out of a very abusive relationship and I was very sick in my stomach on all the things I liked in life that ended in an unresolved way. I like a solution and I like things that arise. So her achievement was very much a deal. At the end of the day, I think we all need peace for ourselves and as artists and women.

Bex: When it comes to conflict, we live in a world full of. These days, those hours are so bad, it is like you love people or hate them, and that's not true. You can have mixed feelings about something or someone and continue if it feels right for you, or not. It is sad that we are training our youth to take things or set them aside completely. Life is not always / or always. It is about humanity. We live together, and we die together.

Because of your history, do you ever feel that you have more to create than most other artists?

DayWe felt we had a lot to create in the first place [Dumblonde] album. We had a show with E!, We had an album and a record market. We had everything before I hit the studio[recorded[recording[taifeadadh[recordingDK3]. And the Shannon and I took that whole story out of our success, so it was devastating. It was a year and a half as she was away from her husband who lived in my house. We sacrificed so much when it happened that we lay down in bed for a week sick of our bulbs, What are we going to do? How will we do this? We almost had to feel that we can't do this because people didn't see us as the people who were in charge of creating their own music.

And then we just fought. We fought every word spoken against us that was not true and that we show, as they show them how we can do that, to show them how we do our videos, let us show them the range: for "Carry On," we drew references from American horrors storyPop art was "Dreamsicle", and "Remember Me," we had femme fatale stories[like[like[cosúille[likeFoundations and Fatal drawing], and they were both in love with the same man. For "Lightning White," we rented camera equipment from the USC film department and asked if any students could use the equipment. We sat on YouTube for weeks and learned all the lighting techniques we could get from wetting to more noir and moody things. That's why we had so many videos. This time, we were not interested in creating ourselves, but we were determined to make great music.

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It is about 15 years since you are in the public eye. Do you think you can mentor young, rising artists?

Day: t Our original view when we returned to Danity Kane was to emphasize the importance of three women who worked hard in this industry. To show that, we wanted to make a TV show where we create our own band with our own label and platform, and from the beginning we help them to produce, write, and shoot all the videos, and girls the way we made mistakes and how they can't do them. The goals are to show them how they can win.

Bex: I work with young dancers, and I also launched this app as co-founder that I am very proud, the first animated streaming platform for children. It's Vooks and it's full of animated children's story books. We work with Scholastic and we are also publishing many independent artists and illustrators. We have grown 300% since January and we are increasing 20% ​​on participation and new users per week. We have great people on our advisory board and we are about to get some other investments, and it is doing very well so far.

Day: t Part of the platform works with all types of writers, authors. And I'm over here mentoring all Instagram graphs on how to do it properly. [Laughs.] Get your light here, girls, in 3, 2, 1.

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