Auction of second-hand houses, sweeping income 550 million baht

Mr. Saksit Jittanoon, Deputy Managing Director of Debt Restructuring Group and Acting Assistant Managing Director of the Legal Action Division presided over the opening ceremony “Auction for the sale of second-hand houses by GHB No. 3/2022 (Year-End Auction)” by selecting second-hand houses good quality land in prime locations across the country, including detached houses, townhouses, condominiums, vacant land and flats Special price auction with a discount of up to 50% off the normal price, which many customers from the public interested in participating in the auction. As a result, the bank was able to sell 495 assets in this nationwide auction, with a total value of 550 million baht.

Divided into 119 properties in and around Bangkok, worth 126 million baht, and 376 properties in the province area, worth 424 million baht, the winning bidder is entitled to receive a home loan with an interest rate of 0 % for a maximum of 24 months with a maximum installment of 40 years

The winning bidder must deposit a deposit of 10,000 baht for all items except properties with a bid price of 10 million baht or more. Please provide a security deposit of 100,000 baht

For the property in the provincial area, the auction will be held at the branch where the property is located. The Bank also broadcast the atmosphere of the auction at the head office. For customers, the interested public, to follow and watch through the Second hand Houses Facebook channel, GH Bank also, for the sale of second hand houses, GHB was held on December 3, 2022.

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