“Aum-A” joins hands and opens the heart Knot to sue famous famous companies It has been protracted for a long time.

Come out and open your heart to listen to the media for the first time. for young stars Aum-Patchrapa Chaichua with a personal manager A – Supachai Sriwichit In case of legal consultation with Attorney Tam-Sithra Biankerd alone, because her image was used by a famous famous company on all the discontinued product boxes caused the person to receive damages

while last Awm-A Having come to join the launch of a new business, LINLIFE & PERLEEN took the opportunity to explain the whole story. together with stating the reason for having to consult Attorney Tam this time too

He was asked about the matter and went to consult the lawyer Tam. How to proceed?
“He’s in the middle of talking. In the past, I have spoken to him several times. But this time I want to get it as soon as possible. It has been long drawn out for a long time. It’s been a year since the contract ended. Hello gone. but went to see the latest one that has been discontinued and has just been produced in the box, let’s talk.”

A: “We have spoken a number of times, so it is up to the point of consulting a lawyer.”

Aum: “But the company is proud. talk now But understand that everything takes time, we know, but it’s been a year now. Let’s get it as soon as possible.”

Leave a 1 year period after the contract ends?

Aum-A consulted on legal matters with the lawyer Tum.

after the solicitor took the picture Has that party contacted you?
“He’s always in touch. But we want to get money fast, I have nothing.

A: “Aum, is it straight? (laughs) I’m amazed.”

Aum: “It should be cleared. But I want to get things out quickly. In case there is in the future, what else do we do? He is stuck in Aum, unable to do anything. The person who hired him saw, oh, why does this exist? We have already confirmed that the contract is in fact over. He’s been dead a long time.”

not prosecuted in court But is it an agreement on compensation?
“Yes, now I have just contacted the lawyer Tam himself. All matters are left to lawyer Tam to handle. for we know no law of any kind.”

Has he told you the reason why he has not been able to clear it for us?
“I can understand his logic. It’s not that bad. The damage is not that big, it is called normal, in the millions. “


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