Aum Patcharapa holds a child who is very cute, netizens cheered to have it as his own

He’s really the number 1 superstar of all time. For Aum Patchrapa Chaichua, even though she is now her age at number 4, her beauty is still beautiful as ever. And now I’m happy both in work and in love. Because after a while, you will see that Aum girls often have cute moments with high-class people.

Most recently, on December 28, Aum went to the birthday party of A. Supachai and was also surprised with 1 hundred thousand baht as a gift to her birthday as well.which is the most cute moment This is a picture of Aum Patchrapa holding Nong Lena, the granddaughter of A Supachai, sure enough. Because when you are with children, you are very cute.



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