“Aum Patchrapa” pay homage to the Naga, full of flowers, garlands, Thai costumes, and desserts

“Aum Patcharapa Chaichua” traveled to pay respect to the Naga at Wat Mahabut (Mae Nak Phra Khanong) offering flowers, wreaths and Thai clothes. along with friends who once played the role of Mae Nak

Sai Mu, the mother, another for the heroine like “Aum Patcharapa” Recently, the person posted a picture. Travel to Wai Yanak at the Mahabut temple Which referred to with friends outside the industry which prepares flowers Malai and Thai digging and sweets come in full offerings to Yanak. Which Aum posted a picture and message that… Paying respect to Yanak ???????? Flowers, Phan Thai dessert, ordered from Nong @fiat_gettava So beautiful Really not disappointed ???? As for the Thai dress, thank you. @tun_chutidej That helps me to buy a beautiful one for me… Fans have joined in the comments on IG quite tight.

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Image courtesy of IG Dara. aum_patchrapa

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