Aung Ing arrives in Nong Khai to make a speech Stopped to eat rice, saw a vendor and asked if he was being cut off by his subordinates?

On January 28 at Wat Sao Suwannaram, Nong Khai Province Chonnan Srikaew, MD Pheu Thai Party Leader Ms. Paethongtarn Shinawatra the head of the Pheu Thai family together with the leaders and Members of the Pheu Thai Party are: Mr. Kritsada Tantherdtit, Mr Eakthanat Inrod, Ms Chanok Chantathong Stop by to buy breakfast in the area such as Khao Jee, grilled pork and grilled chicken, plus talk to the vendors from Pae Thongtarn Ms Eat Jee Rice and say Jee Jee rice is very tasty. and feed rice Mr. Pitok Suksawat Husband too. After that, Ms Pae Thong Than took a photo with the traders in a friendly manner. At one point, the salesman told Ms Pae Thongtarn that she had been brutally beaten by her subordinates? Ms. laughed. Pae Thongtarn and said it’s fine, let him go.

Then, at 9:15 am, Ms Phae Thongtarn and her group traveled to the speech stage in Tha Bo municipal courtyard, Tha Bo district, with many people waiting to hear the speech until Ms Phae Thong Than traveled. , the people stood up and waved their hands and warmly handed over the flowers.

Suthin Klangsaeng Mr MP Maha Sarakham and the President of the Whip of the Opposition said that 8 years of the Prayut government made the people in debt All agricultural products have fallen, Electricity, gas, and fertilizer are expensive, but the price of rice has fallen. If Pheu Thai were the government, it would not only stop the debt, stop the principal, and stop the interest, but it would move forward to clear the debt. We come to reduce expenses for the people. What condition can help, for example, water, fire, gas will help. When it decreases, other products will start to decrease in price. People are having a hard time now. We will reduce all expenditure by the year 2027, wages of 600 baht per day for sure. Change the living allowance for those aged 60 and over to a monthly pension of 3,000 baht. We will ask to reduce expenses, increase income, increase pensions, increase welfare. All that can be done must help each other choose Thailand to let the ground just slide.

Chonnan Srikaew, MD Thai Party leader Pheu said the Nong Khai Land Slide must lift the province. Check two cards for Thai only Nong Khai which has the cost of the area. best people cost Nong Khai should be an autonomous province. The BMA can elect a governor Nong Khai must do it. potential already If we don’t land slides, good policies, good things won’t happen. For Thailand, you must be able to land slides. MPs for the three constituencies only All of our MPs are knowledgeable and capable. If it’s not a landslide Gen. Prayut returns to the government If the land slips, no one will compete with us to form a government. The Thai Pheu Party will be the people’s government. Prime Minister candidate did not announce the party because the announcers are the people We will not shake hands with any party. Do not join the Palang Pracharat Party or the dictatorial party. just to shake hands with the people

Nuttawut Saikua Mr The Pheu Thai family director said that Nong Khai has many areas on the banks of the Mekong. Laos on the other side made for border trade But the government does not intend to launch only MPs, now Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister turns to get suggestions Gen. Prawit opening speech in Bangkok in Pom Prap Sattru Phai District. General Prayuth thought he would win and he would go to the speech that won the war. We don’t have to go to Pom Prap Sattru, lose or win the war. but not violently Use only a pen to go to the Pheu Thai booth. When Prayut’s people asked about Mr Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister said he would not ask if he liked this person. Gen Prayut came over and said to Mr. Thaksin thought he would be heartbroken and dead. People lacked senses and had no idea how to solve problems. but jealousy of people pretending Other parties nominate one or three prime ministers, but we nominate 4 people, including people in our stomachs. But one of them who will become Prime Minister should definitely be here. We definitely don’t shake hands with dictators. Choose Pheu Thai for a land slide.

side Pae Thongtarn Ms Saying that Thaksin’s Father, Ayingluck Shinawatra, do you remember? Father sends his remembrance to the people of Nong Khai. Today did not come Welcome the front as before if not coup We have a fast train. If Pheu Thai comes to help brothers and sisters clear debt, reduce costs, increase income, expand opportunities for brothers and sisters. help farmers Volunteer to bring agricultural produce to sell Civil servants will definitely receive a pay rise. Today, there are many drugs Children are addicted to drugs Pheu Thai is coming. Drugs must go. All agricultural products We have to decide our lives. by the upcoming election we must choose a government that can take care of us Ask for a deposit for Pheu Thai to give the land slide. Election of the whole party

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