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Aunt Chuan Chuen has coma and multiple organ failure. Risk of cardiac arrest

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29 April 2021 20:15

After the famous comedian Uncle Chuan Chuen Infected with COVID-19 And admitted to the hospital before the symptoms worsened Because of the symptoms of pneumonia, kidney failure, need to use a ventilator for dialysis before moving from Vibharam Hospital to the next treatment. Ramathibodi Hospital Chakri Naruebodin As previously reported

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latest Ice Na Phacharin Aunt Khom’s daughter Update of the latest symptoms of Aunt Khun via page Khun Chuan Chuen last evening by saying, “Update your father’s symptoms. Father’s condition is now in a coma. Many organs fail Including the work of the body Especially the pulse and pressure The body does not respond to the medication that is given There is a risk of cardiac arrest.

The medical team has already helped in every way. Which dialysis may not help right now The body has a low platelet count. Other immunosuppressants cannot be given due to infection. May make it worse And if cardiac arrest occurs Heart pumping may be less responsive. Because many organs fail #Praying and praying for Father “

With a lot of encouraging fans who heard the news and commented Along with blessing them to be safe Thairath online entertainment would like to send encouragement And I wish Uncle Khom get well soon.

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