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Aunt Jaew agrees to cancel the drama according to a hunch I don’t want to blame anyone

by news dir

ready to conclude that I don’t want to blame anyone There are good country leaders. There are a lot of bad things that don’t work. There are many countries that are worse. But there are reasons to come to lockdown in many countries. Make up your mind and use your thoughts to find a way to carry out the work. better continue living

“Last week there was an announcement to relax the production team. The type that does not work more than 50 people, I started planning for the filming of the drama. #Mr. Miracle continues after two months of stopping the pile. Speed ​​up the chapter to finish writing. because if the chapter doesn’t come to the end We won’t be able to make any plans. Because without the script, everyone can’t work.

The goals of the work will not be achieved. until the chapter was finally delivered until the end We start to split the scene. Prepare filming schedules to close certain locations. A few days ago, there was a meeting to take pictures on Monday to Wednesday that will come. Make a concise plan to work safely so that the communities around us to take pictures can complain to us.

during the meeting I’m still joking not enough to finish the meeting ready for work There is an announcement of Bangkok lockdown coming out again. Turn your back.

Yesterday I watched the news all the time. Intuitively, there might be a turn of events. And this morning, the Government Gazette was announced. Hurry up and read it until the end. then call and talk to the assistant Order to cancel the camera queue, lights, food because if the order is late, cancel There must be half the cost of the queue. in the amount of tens of thousands of baht

Including requesting to cancel the lab that will come to test the whole pile of covids. which costs almost fifty thousand baht as an extra expense cancel an actor’s appointment which is very difficult to queue up Understand that everyone is anxious to work in a team with many workers.

Everything went according to my premonition, I didn’t want to be angry, I didn’t want to be angry. I don’t want to blame anyone If you are to blame, you have to blame the bad covid virus. that changes everything in this world It’s not just us who suffer alone. But everyone in this country, in this world, suffer together.

Executives in our country good is available A lot of bad things don’t work. It’s good, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Fall or chase, it’s not going to solve these problems. The newcomer may be better or worse than the old one.

I want to be angry too But when I get angry, my blood pressure will go up. Haha. I have only a head full of arrogance, I can’t think of anything. When he thought of that, he gradually relieved his stress a bit. (Although there are still some hidden deep in the brain), try to figure out that

Measures that seem to hurt life, hurt the soul, hurt everyone’s career May cause the epidemic rapidly during this period, reduce or stop some. Successful or not, I don’t know. It’s better than not trying at all. I know that I’m uncomfortable and distressed, but we are not the only country that has to face such a fate.

Continue reading, you will find that There are other countries that are worse than us. Or maybe look better But there are reasons to come to lockdown in many countries. Make up your mind and think about ways to carry out the work. Better go on with your life”.

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