“Aunt Khom” coma many organs fail risk of cardiac arrest

“Aunt Khom Chuanchuen” in a coma many organs fail The body does not respond to the medication. risk of cardiac arrest

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On the evening of 29 April, the page Khom Chuanchuen by Aunt Kom’s daughter has posted a message reporting the progress of the symptoms of “Aunt Khom Chuanchuen” who was sick with COVID-19 by moving from Vibharam Hospital to be treated at Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodin Hospital Update your father’s condition. Father is now in a coma. many organs fail including the functioning of the body especially the pulse and pressure The body does not respond to the medication given. There is a risk of cardiac arrest. The medical team has helped in every way. which dialysis now may not help The body has low platelets. Other immunosuppressants cannot be given due to the presence of infection. may make it worse and if cardiac arrest The pumping of the heart may be less responsive. due to multiple organ failure #Pray and Pray for Father

Thank you page Khom Chuanchuen

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