“Auntyong – Nanong – Nam Phuang” unfolds Sanan Jor, ajar the heroism of the womanizer, the wife tore the shirt and kicked him out of the house?

I saw that Aunt Yong-Aunt Phuang I have to detain myself because I met Somrak Khamsing?
Aunt Yong: Saw it at 2 am, we just filmed a program together yesterday. He hurriedly took off his towel and left the house. go to sleep at the office

Aunt Phuang : When we heard the news, we died in the room with my wife.

Who is the most worried about health?
Nanong : Nanong has diabetes. Aunt Yong Mee Kao Aunt Phuang has both gout and diabetes. It’s the most worried about the bunch.

60 years old, video calling all the time?
Aunt Yong: We can’t get together, we come together on social media.

Nanong : We can’t play with social media. Aunt Yong, he is good. We asked him what he was doing. made to be able to call each other

Auntyong : Let’s talk about composing Choi songs. talk about making a living We also have a live chat with the fans.

How many years have you known each other?
Nam Yong : Know each other from the age of 14-15 years.

Nanong : Aunt Phuang and Aunt Yong had known each other before because they played li-ke together. Aunt Yong is in Phitsanulok. Aunt Phuang lives in Sukhothai. As for Nanong Yu Phichit, all 3 of them are Likae.

Did you see that my mother raised a lot?
Aunt Phuang : We are a country house like in the provinces. It’s not like li-ke in Bangkok.

Nanong : Don’t call it a mother, call it a sister, a patron, a foster mother. There are plenty of them too. There are hundreds of thousands At that time there was a steering wheel competition.

Aunt Yong : We play the joker. In the past we were thin The teacher said that being a cheat should not be afraid of anyone. Our voices are like this So he played as a joker.

How many years have you been playing league? Than to be funny?
Nanong : Probably over 20 years.

Who used to carry a gun to play Li-Ke?
Nanong : It’s time to play Li-Kae in other provinces. In the old days it was very scary. Like was robbed That is, maybe if we go to play like we get money from the host. There are those who do not wish well, they wait to stare on the way back. But it’s a li-ke gun, not a real gun. There will also be a real knife – a Like sword.

I saw that all three of them had flirtatious acts. Is it true that Aunt Phuang Wife won’t let me enter the house? Until you have to sleep at the gas station around the house?
Nanong : In the past, the houses were close to each other. To return home, we must pass the temple. We saw Aunt Phuang walking around, holding a pillow, we asked Phuang where to go. He was told that he could not sleep at home as it was hot as the fire would go to sleep at the temple.

Aunt Phuang: Actually, it can’t be caught. but others go and say

Is it true that there are children taking them to the mall? Buy a shirt for Aunt Yong?
Grandma: That was a long time ago. Someone bought a shirt for us and we hung it up. My wife saw it so she tore her shirt away. We were told that he bought nothing. Grandma Som was friends before. When I see someone flirting with my friend, I don’t like it. I don’t want anyone to flirt with my friends. As soon as they started getting close, they started liking each other. He is a heroine enough to play a knockout scene. The Joker has to help carry the heroine. We felt warm as well. When going to promote Li Ke, he scoops up some rice for us. I started to worry about it. After receiving the money, we took the money to deposit him. is not flirting Time to spend money, go ask him.

Did you see that you used to hide your wife’s money?
Aunt Yong : We are people who like to read books. Maybe I can’t remember which page I read. So we separated the money and he found 2-3 thousand banknotes, less separated, will not find it soon.

How did you start the song Choi?
Aunt Yong : Choi song we have been playing in the cafe for a long time. Choi song, we started playing before playing Li-Kae. It has been with us for a long time. We thought that 3 people, how should we play together? I thought I’d put some jokes on it because the three of them were already married. There was one event, he gave us 3 or more people to show, they could sing or do anything. We were already composing choi songs. So we wrote a song Choi went up to sing. received a good response And then there was an elder who called me to say that he would take it to the show, we were very happy. that our song choi will have space

Are you afraid that there will be no one to continue the song Choi?
Nayong: I want people to continue to carry on. Today, the light has faded. If no one lights a candle This candle will go out

Nanong : If the new generation wants to come to practice The point is, where do you practice and where do you play? Will there be space for him? The problem is here If he came to practice and his stomach was dry, he would not have the strength to cry. But now there are some of Mae Somchit, Mae Sri Nuan, a national artist. There are many children attending school.

Now that you’re 60, how do you plan to retire in the entertainment industry?
Aunt Yong : Don’t talk about retirement. Let’s talk about the encouragement and the audience. If the audience is still watching, we can cry.

Aunt Phuang: As long as we still have strength.

Nanong : It’s up to the people who answer. If we still have it, we keep doing it. or new generation want to do it like we can because we want someone to inherit

We’ve known each other for 50 years. Let’s reveal our hearts a little bit?
Aunt Yong : We have been together for a long time and we are worried about our health. We asked each other all the time.

Interview clip “Nayong – Nanong – Nam Phuang”

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