Auspicious colors for the year 2022 Finance, work, outstanding throughout the year, choose accordingly. Be lucky.

Doctor Kai, Ph.D. Patinee told Thairath Online, the color of the year 2022 that can be remembered once, can be used throughout the year.

The matter of color is important. because it is the first thing that our eyes will see which in astrology color matter Considered to have a considerable influence on our lives.

If we want good fortune besides making merit feng shui arrangement Finding auspicious items to decorate the house And then there’s one more thing. that can make our destiny better, that is the use of auspicious colors that’s it

Today, Doctor Kai will focus on the auspicious colors that will have an outstanding effect in 2 matters, namely work and finance This auspicious color can be used throughout the year 2022.

For the date specified in the auspicious color chart, it is a cycle day, meaning the current day, for example, today is Saturday, see the color chart of Saturday’s horoscope.

by the color of the horoscope We can watch it every day. Or will only look at important days, such as the days of doing important errands Date to risk investment Apply for a job offer Like this too

Auspicious color table for the year 2022


Notable work: Pink
Silver flows: black, purple, gray black


Outstanding work: Green (all tones)
Money flows in: orange, light brown.


Featured work: black, purple, dark gray
Silver flows: gray, silver bronze, gold bronze


Featured work: Orange, light brown
Money flows: blue, blue, indigo


Outstanding work: blue, blue, indigo
Money flows: yellow, cream


Outstanding work: white, yellow, cream
Money Flows: Green (all tones)


Featured work: gray, silver bronze, gold bronze
money flow: red

Note: the selection of auspicious colors Can be used in many ways, such as choosing a shirt color, bag color, decorative accessories to be an auspicious color This will be very lucky.

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