Aussie fan slams and calls Vietnam home stadium a cowshed

VN EXPRESS, a Vietnamese media outlet reported that Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism , Vietnam Football Confederation and Mee Dinh Stadium Executive Committee held a meeting to plan the improvement of the Mee Dinh Stadium which is the national stadium Used as the homecoming of the Vietnamese national team in every program But in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round of the Asian zone, round of 12, the final match in Vietnam, home to a 0-1 defeat to Australia on September 7, 64, this stadium has been heavily criticized in terms of conditions. ready

After the game in which Australia defeated Vietnam, Mee Dinh Stadium Stadium conditions have been criticized by the Australian media and fans. So much so that some have even called the stadium “Khao Koo”, while the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has asked the Vietnam Football Confederation (AFF) to make several improvements, including the field conditions, lighting systems and offices. The field quality is not as good as it should be. Must improve to meet the standards of competition.

The media further reported that Vietnam’s World Cup qualifiers for the Asian zone in November, which will watch the nest, both games will be played at home at this stadium. November 11, 64, meets Japan, November 16, 64, meets Saudi Arabia. It is also offering football fans to enter the stadium, about 20,000 people, half the capacity. Supporters who are eligible to attend games must have completed all the required vaccines and have a test result no later than 72 hours prior to the match. However, they still have to wait for confirmation from the AFC about using this stadium as a home base in November 64.

Aussie fan slams and calls Vietnam home stadium a cowshed

Meanwhile, Haiphong Club Has offered Vietnam national team to play in the World Cup qualifiers at Laktray Stadium with a national team support fund of US$44,000 (approximately 1.47 million baht), but the Vietnam Football Federation has discussed the club’s proposal. After all, Hai Phong’s stadium, although it has been renovated, has many features that do not meet AFC standards.

for the Vietnamese national team Compete in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Asian zones, round 12, the final team has gone 4 games, losing in a row, sinking in group B There is a program during the month of November.

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