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Australia seizes 450kg of heroin from Malaysia, largest lot ever

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Federal Police and Australian Border Force Officers Sonthi is trying to arrest a Malaysian man. who smuggled 450 kilograms of heroin into the border recently

Officials also said The heroin was hidden in a tiled container from Malaysia to Melbourne.

The man was also charged with importing and attempting to possess drugs for sale. He was taken to the Melbourne District Court on Friday (Oct 15) and placed in custody at that court. It is expected to appear in court again in January 2022.

The heroin, which was carried in a container, arrived in Melbourne Harbor on Sept. 29, under investigation. Australian border guards also found a package clearly branded with the heroin brand. causing the Australian Federal Police to join the investigation. As many as 1,290 packets of heroin were found in the containers.

Officials from the two agencies jointly said that 450 kilograms of heroin could be sold for up to A$140 million, the largest heroin smuggling ever caught in Australia.

The Australian Federal Police said it was currently working with the Malaysian National Police to eradicate drug trafficking.


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