Australia, the United States and Britain establish a “three-sided security alliance” Biden does not remember who Morrison called “the guy below!” | Blog Post

US President Biden held a video press conference last night (15th). When he announced the establishment of the “Trilateral Security Alliance” (AUKUS) between Australia, the United States and Britain, he forgot the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Call him “that fellow Down Under” (that fellow Down Under)!

Biden announced on September 15 that the United States will form a new three-sided security alliance with the United Kingdom and Australia to increase the “deterrence” of the United States to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Under this framework, the United States will assist Australia in developing nuclear-powered submarines. The outside world believes that this is for China.

Britain and the United States will help Australia build nuclear-powered submarines to counter China.

In the US, UK and Australia conferences, Australian Prime Minister Morrison first introduced Australia’s nuclear transformation. Australia will use US and UK technology to build its next submarine fleet to replace the existing Collins-class submarines. Morrison made it clear that Australia does not seek to establish nuclear weapons or civilian nuclear capabilities and will comply with its nuclear non-proliferation obligations. Morrison described the new agreement as a “permanent partnership” between “the oldest and most trusted friends.”

Morrison said: “This is a patient and determined plan. It is a product of the deep relationship between our three countries and the personal relationship between our leaders.” “The new ship will not be equipped with nuclear weapons, but The nuclear power technology used in the United States and the United Kingdom will be used.” “The new ships will be built in Adelaide and do not require civilian nuclear capabilities, because these submarines will use reactors that do not require supplementary fuel. In the next 18 months, the three countries will work together to seek to determine the best development direction.” .

After Morrison’s speech, he went to the British Prime Minister Johnson to speak, praising that this new partnership will enable Australia to develop nuclear-powered submarines. This will be a project that will last more than 10 years and involve the world’s most cutting-edge technology, highlighting the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Mutual cooperation between the three parties.

Biden pointed at Morrison, but couldn't name him.

Biden pointed at Morrison, but couldn’t name him.

U.S. President Biden stood in the middle and listened to their speeches. When it was Biden’s turn, he first thanked British Prime Minister Boris, then turned to the other side, pointed Morrison with his finger, but could not name him. “The guy below”, “Thank you very much, friend! Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.”

Morrison responded with a wry smile.

Morrison responded with a wry smile.

Morrison only responded with a wry smile. Soon, Biden regained his memory and called Morrison by name, but his previous mistakes could not be concealed.

Australian Defense Minister Greg Moriarty (Greg Moriarty) said that some working groups will be formed with the United States and the United Kingdom. This plan is expected to receive some retaliation from China, and they may think it is an attack on their regional influence. Morrison said that developing new technologies is “a game changer” and reflects the development of the “strategic environment” in the region. “China continues to accelerate its development at a speed that it never thought five years ago.”

Biden said: “The future of each of our countries, and even the future of the world, depends on a free and open Indo-Pacific.” “This is an investment in our greatest source of strength. Our alliance and power renewal will better respond to the threats of today and tomorrow.”

The focus of this press conference was originally the establishment of a blockbuster strategic alliance, but U.S. President Biden could not even name his partners. It is reminiscent of whether he is qualified for the presidency? Do you know what you are doing?



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