Australia to Host ASEAN Leaders in Special Summit to Celebrate 50 Years of Relations

Australia to Host ASEAN Leaders in Special Summit to Mark 50 Years of Relations

Mr. Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, announced today a new investment strategy in South East Asia, revealing plans to host a special summit in Melbourne next year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This significant event is scheduled to take place from March 4 to 6, 2024, and will serve as an opportunity for bilateral diplomatic meetings, business collaborations, and more.

Prime Minister Albanese conveyed that he has extended invitations to all ASEAN leaders, emphasizing the importance of this milestone gathering. He stated, “We are privileged to organize this major event and look forward to strengthening our ties with the ASEAN region. As Australia aligns its economic and diplomatic strategies across Asia, our collaboration with ASEAN becomes of paramount significance for our future.”

Creating Prosperity, Ensuring Peace, Stability, and Security in the Region

“The fortunes of the Australian economy lie in ASEAN. Together, we will foster prosperity and work side by side to guarantee peace, stability, and security in the region and the Indo-Pacific,” affirmed Prime Minister Albanese during his speech.

Notable international dignitaries attended the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, including US Vice President Kamala Harris, Chinese Premier Li Qiang, and leaders from Japan, South Korea, and India. This convergence arrives at a crucial time as ASEAN member states seek to navigate potential entanglements within the ongoing conflicts between major powers.

Source: InfoQuest News Agency (06 Sep 2023)

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International news 16:50, 2023-09-06

Mr Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia Australia will host ASEAN leaders in a special summit to mark 50 years of relations in Melbourne, Australia, he said when announcing a new investment strategy in South East Asia today (September 6) in March next year

The Albanian Prime Minister told reporters in Jakarta that he wrote to all ASEAN leaders inviting them to attend this “major event”, which is scheduled to take place between March 4 and 6 next year, adding that the summit is also an opportunity for bilateral diplomatic and other business meetings.

Albanian Prime Minister travels to Jakarta to attend ASEAN Summit As Australia strengthens its ties with nations across Asia in an effort to create economic and diplomatic alternatives to China. Prime Minister Albanese said in his speech that ASEAN is an important region for Australia’s future.

“The fortunes of the Australian economy lie in ASEAN. We will create prosperity together here. We will work together to ensure peace, stability and security in the region. and the Indo-Pacific,” said Albanian.

The ASEAN Summit in Jakarta was attended by leaders from non-ASEAN countries, including US Vice President Kamala Harris. Chinese Premier Li Qiang and the leaders of other allies including Japan, South Korea and India, at a time when ASEAN member states are wary of being dragged into disputes by superpowers.

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