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Australia warns of delta coronavirus spreading 5-10 seconds

by news dir

28 June 2021


Australian health officials warn that Covid-19 virus The delta species, which were first found in India, are It can spread in just 5-10 seconds. In addition, it was found that the virus strain can spread in people of all ages. including children

Dr Jeanette Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, said: Health officials have found cases of rapid spread of the delta virus. with one infected with COVID-19 Just walking past a stranger who is sick with COVID-19. while shopping at Westfield Bondi Junction Department Store

“If you can remember when the epidemic had just begun, I’ve said that 15-minute contact is risky, but now 5-10 seconds of contact can be infectious. This is a matter of concern. The risk is now higher than it was a year ago,” Dr Young said.
On Friday, Sydney, Australia’s largest city. Lockdown measures have been imposed in some areas for a week after local health authorities failed to contain the spread of COVID-19. Delta species which is a species that spreads faster than usual

The restrictions will remain in effect until July 2 and will affect more than one million Australians living or working in the four densely populated areas: Woollahra, Wave. Waverley, Randwick and the Sydney City Council

Under this lockdown measure Citizens are only able to go out of their homes if they buy necessities, are medical providers, exercise outdoors, work in important occupations. or attending an educational institution


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