Australia was stunned! Girl bitten by a “shark” in the river, unable to endure the poisonous wounds – tragic death

Australia Ng! the girl was fine shark bite In the river, he cannot suffer the poison of the wound – a tragic death

Australia was stunned! – The Straits Times reported on February 6 on the strangest tragedy in Western Australia. Australia After a 16 year old girl “shark” An attack on the Swan River in Fremantle from the city of Perth Saturday, February 4, the time elapsed.

The local police said officers had received an emergency call and were being dispatched to the scene. Then rushed to help bring the girl out of the river. But the girl could not endure the poisoning and died later.

A 16-year-old girl was mauled to death by a shark on Saturday while swimming in a river in Western Australia, officials said. It could not immediately be determined which shark species attacked the girl. Describing it as “a very, very traumatic event” and the family were completely devastated by the news. AFP

An initial investigation found that the girl and her friend were jet skiing in the river. Meanwhile, a group of dolphins can be seen. The young woman decided to jump in and swim nearby. before being bitten by an unknown shark

Although marine experts say it is a very unusual occurrence to see sharks in rivers. As a result, officers and agencies need to speed up the investigation to prevent the disaster from happening again

Australia was stunned!

Police at the scene of the fatal shark attack, which happened near the Fremantle Traffic Bridge in the North suburb of Fremantle. Fisheries experts have said it is unusual for sharks to be found in that part of the river, he said. Fisheries experts have said it is unusual for sharks to be found in that part of the river. Photo 9 News

Australia was stunned!

The girl was seriously injured when she was bitten by an unknown species of shark in the Swan River in the Perth suburb of Fremantle, a state government statement said. She was pulled from the water but died at the scene after efforts to revive her failed, said Mr Paul Robinson, acting inspector of the Fremantle district police. Photo 9 News

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