Australian Covid Cases Australia Approaching Peak of Fourth Covid Wave EMA Warns Of Outbreak In Winter | Australian Covid Outbreaks: Outbreaks in Australia’s fourth wave of Covid; EMA said cases could increase in winter

Covid cases are reported to be on the rise in Australia in the fourth wave of Covid. Australia has been reporting around 12,000 new cases of Covid every day for the past few days. This is a 10 percent increase compared to the previous week, according to the Australian Department of Health. Health experts say Australia is approaching the peak of a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections.

More than 2,000 people infected with Covid-19 have been admitted to hospital. The number of Covid patients in hospital was less than 2,000 last week. According to the country’s Department of Health, this week, more than 100 deaths from Covid-19 have been reported in Australia.

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Europe is facing a new wave of the Covid pandemic. In Europe, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has warned that a new wave of the Covid pandemic is likely to intensify as the winter months arrive. The European Medicines Agency has also stated that it is asking the countries of the European Union to strengthen vaccination.

Marco Cavalleri, Head of Health Threats and Vaccine Strategy, said in a press conference that the Covid virus is evolving rapidly and that new omicron sub-variants such as BQ.1.1 and its sub-variants are causing variations in the omicron variant B.A. Concerns were also raised that new strains could outcompete the currently available monoclonal antibody products. Furthermore, the average rate of booster vaccination in the EU region has been very low over the past few months, which is disappointing, Cavalleri said.

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