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Original title: Australian government revoked Djokovic’s visa again, “Nine Crowns” to participate in Australian Open prospects bleak

Xinhua News Agency, Canberra, January 14 (Reporter Yue Dongxing Bai Xu) Australian Immigration Minister Hawke announced on the 14th that he had withdrawn the World Men’s Singles “One Brother” who was preparing for the Australian Open in Australia “on the grounds of health and good order”. “Djokovic’s visa.

This is the second time this month that the Australian government has revoked the Serbian star’s visa. Hawke said in a statement on the 14th that he made the decision because “it is in the public interest to do so.”

The Australian court made a ruling on the 10th, overturning the previous decision of the relevant Australian government departments to revoke Djokovic’s Australian visa.

Djokovic had his visa revoked and was temporarily detained in a hotel when he arrived at Melbourne Airport earlier this month. The Australian Border Force said he failed to provide suitable materials that met Australian entry requirements. Djokovic’s legal team subsequently appealed to the Australian court and won the case on the 10th.

A focus of the matter is Djokovic’s immunity to enter Australia without a Covid-19 vaccine. According to the timeline according to the statistics of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the main nodes of the event are as follows:

On November 18, 2021, Djokovic was granted a visa to go to Australia;

On November 29, Australian Minister of Health Hunter wrote to the executives of the Australian Open that players who want to be exempt from isolation after entering Australia must complete the whole course of vaccination, and cannot use previous infection with the new crown virus as a reason for exemption;

On December 16, Djokovic was tested for the new crown and the result was positive;

On December 30, the Australian Tennis Association medical officer sent a letter to Djokovic stating that he had been granted a medical exemption from the vaccine on the grounds that he had recovered from a recent infection;

On January 1, 2022, Djokovic was confirmed on the Australian travel declaration website (app) that in the jurisdiction where he planned to enter, he met the requirements for quarantine-free travel to Australia;

On January 5, Djokovic arrived in Melbourne, but was blocked from entry by the Australian Border Force and his visa was revoked.

Regarding this matter, Australian analysts said that Victoria, where the Australian Open is hosted, and the Australian Open Association are inconsistent with the Australian government in relevant policies, which is one of the reasons for Djokovic’s “visa turmoil”.

Australian media said that if Djokovic’s legal team appealed Hawke’s decision on the 14th and applied to the court to grant him a temporary visa, the defending champion may still compete in Australia. Another possibility is that Djokovic will be forced to leave the country and miss the Australian Open.

The Australian Open, the first major championship of each year, kicked off on January 17 this year. A day ago, Djokovic had been listed as the top seed in the men’s singles by the organizing committee and participated in the draw. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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