Australian Open | The host golfer bombarded the epidemic prevention arrangements two days ago, the “prophecy” of the epidemic came true today (19:52) – 20220113 – Sports – Instant News

Tommy Zhi played in the first round of the qualifying round on Tuesday, and lost the first set 1:6 within 23 minutes. During the break, he complained to the referee that the epidemic prevention arrangement was not good, “I will definitely test positive within two days, otherwise three days later. I’ll treat you to a meal. It’s hard to imagine that no one needs a formal test, players just need a quick test to get on the field.” Tom Meizhi finally lost another set 4:6. After the Russian opponent Shafeilian advanced, he defeated the American opponent again today, only one step away from the main game.

Tommy Zhi did not accept the post-match interview at that time, only said that he felt unwell and needed to return to the hotel to rest, but the doctor only told him to self-quarantine, and finally he confirmed to the Australian media today that he was infected. The 29-year-old Tommyzhi is currently ranked 257th in the world. He climbed to a career-high 17th in 2016, but then fell sharply due to various reasons such as injuries.

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