Australia’s ‘Countdown 2023’ rocks as millions flock to watch New Year’s fireworks

Australia go innew year 2023 is being completed as one of the world’s countdown landmarks After being away from organizing a major event due to the outbreak of COVID-19 come back this time Great as expected

At around 8:00 pm Thailand time in “Sydney”, there are people, including tourists from all over the world, to witness the run-up to the new year 2023 and watch the fireworks up to 1 million people.

Of course, the highlight of the event. is the fireworks display from the boats at the Sydney Harbor Bridge. and the Sydney Opera House to celebrate the new year with great splendor using more than 7,000 fireworks amidst full security

Although Australia is the first country as a global countdown landmark But geographically, the “first land” to welcome the new year isKirimas Island in the Republic of Kiribati located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Almost south of Hawaii, in the same longitude, but celebrating the new year first. Kirimas Island will celebrate the new year at 5:00 pm Thailand time.

and the next country with the count down is New ZealandDeparts Chatham Islands at 5:15 PM, Fiji at 7:00 PM, before arriving in Australia at 8:00 PM Thai time and arriving in Japan at 10:00 PM Thai time