Authentic martial arts RPG ‘Heavenly Rain M’ returned to mobile, CBT starts today

Cesisoft is holding a closed beta test (CBT) of ‘Cheongsangbi M’, a mobile version of Cheon Sang-bi, a long-running martial arts online RPG that has been in service since 2001, from 3 pm on the 22nd.

Today’s CBT of Cheon Sangbi M’ will be held through the Beta One Store Game Zone ( ). Anyone can participate through the beta game zone, and it can be downloaded in advance from 11 am. The CBT period will be held for 4 days until 8 PM on Sunday, September 25th.

‘Heavens of Heaven M’ is a martial arts fantasy game set in China’s Song Dynasty. It is an authentic martial arts RPG with a scenario where the main character enters a stronghold and grows through various journeys. the UI and game configuration has been completely newly developed for mobile. Therefore, it is a game that will provide new fun not only to users who enjoyed the current Heavenly Beast, but also to users who enjoy general RPGs.

Users who participated in the ‘Heavenly Bee M’ CBT will also receive generous gifts such as Google gift cards by finding bugs, achieving a name, and CBT review events. More details about CBT and ‘Cheongsangbi M’ can be found in the official ‘Cheongsangbi M’ lounge ( ).

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