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Young people’s punk spirit is always unfettered, no matter what era or season, they can always find something to express their thoughts and beliefs. Even if it’s a simple dress, they must wear their own punk style. Recently, BOY LONDON, the representative of the punk fashion brand, has released new products again. In this increasingly cold season, he has started a new trend of autumn and winter punk fashion.

A punk style matching formula

The punk style is actually very simple. As long as the classic symbols in the punk style are drawn and combined with the current mainstream aesthetics, a fashionable and manageable punk style can be matched. For example, in terms of color matching, autumn and winter seasons emphasize more atmospheric outfits, and the combination of basic colors and other colors can achieve this fashion goal. Whether to reflect the charm by overlapping basic colors such as black, white and grey, or to show the punk flavor through contrasting colours, it is a good choice. Of course, if you don’t know how to choose, it is better to directly refer to BOY LONDON punk collocation, so you can become a fashionista of wearing punk immediately.


There are many noteworthy new products in this series of new products, and many people have loved this denim suit inspired by classical architecture. Classic blue denim, with full print craftsmanship, gives a strong visual appeal. The collision design of natural shades of blue is one of the classic ways to show punk style. This time, denim fabrics are used to break the classics and make punk wear a retro fashion title again. With the classic white T from BOY LONDON and the retro-style sneakers, the image of the street rock boy suddenly became three-dimensional. Overall, this design mainly adds punk elements to the denim, which is more easily accepted by the public, without lack of personality, and makes people look more handsome and honest. It can be said denim is not old, fashion is not old.

During the autumn and winter season, BOY LONDON started a new wave of punk fashion

BOY LONDON has official flagship stores in Tmall and JD. If you have any questions about matching, you can also boldly consult the store staff to help you match a complete set of punk templates.

It is not difficult to get a good and fashionable punk style outfit, the key is to understand the tricks and master the corresponding secrets. Classic punk fashion brands like BOY LONDON have provided you with various templates and matching ideas, so you might as well try to break through yourself!


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