Autumn Buffalo Mountain and Huangniu Tour and Appreciation of Mount Mang Trail starting at Guangyuan Village! Log in hidden world stone roof window / golden miscanthus all over the mountain / panoramic view of Baishwan in Shatian

Yellow Buffalo Water Niu Mountain Autumn Appreciation Tour

The weather has been cooling down recently, and the autumn mood is strong, and it is most suitable for friends to go out for an outing. If you feel it is a bit far away from Tai Tung Shan on Lantau Island, you may also try to go to Buffalo Hill and Huangniu Hill, where you start from Kwong Yuen Village. Miscanthus is there , and you can also check in through the stone skylight The scenery around Sai Kung, come on a mini autumnal climb this holiday!

Miscanthus can also be seen in Huangniu Mountain in autumn and winter

Miscanthus can also be seen in Huangniu Mountain in autumn and winter

Huang Niu Mountain is located in the east of Sha Tin District in the New Territories, a peak between Sha Tin and Sai Kung, with a height of 604 meters, and is connected side by side with Buffalo Mountain, which is 606 meters of height in the east. Huangniu Mountain and Buffalo Mountain belong to Ma On Shan Country Park. From the top of the mountain, you can not only look at Ma On Shan area, but also surrounded by Tun Sha District and Sai Kung Island. The views are first class!

Sunset is the best time to shoot miscanthus, but be careful when it gets dark

Sunset is the best time to shoot miscanthus, but be careful when it gets dark

Autumn trip to Huangniu Mountain full of mountain miscanthus with me

Huangniu Mountain is very easy to get to. You can take 83K from Shatian New Town Plaza bus terminal to Huangnitou Bus Terminal (that is, Guangyuan Village) and start. When you see the Huangniu Mountain sign, walk towards Huaxinkeng, at the fork Turn to the left and follow the sign to Huangniu Mountain. The Huangniu Stone City next to Huangniu Mountain is the most famous. Many tourists come here especially for the stone skylight The stone skylight has already become a hot checkpoint! After climbing to the top, go down for a short distance and you will see Huangniu Stone City. Although the route to the top of Huangniu Mountain is very clear and open without too much shade, you can also see the beautiful scenery of Sha Tin and Sai Kung along the way. What is even more surprising is that you can also see Mt. miscanthus when climbing Huangniu Mountain in autumn. For example, under the reflection of the setting sun, the miscanthus blown by the wind feels even more golden!

From Huaxinkeng to a mountain road of scalpers

From Huaxinkeng to a mountain road of scalpers

In the distance are Fei'e Mountain and Tsz Wan Mountain

In the distance are Fei’e Mountain and Tsz Wan Mountain

Look for Shi Tianchuang to pretend to be a master at the registration point in Zhongzang of the Yellow Bull Stone City

The landscape on top of Huangniu Mountain is open, but Huangniushi City hides a stunning entry point! But Shi Tianchuang needs to spend a little thought. Walk about 10 minutes from the top of the mountain in the direction of the stone forest. The stone roof window is very popular with tourists. In the afternoon of holidays, you may have to wait in line to take pictures. Be careful when checking in. After all, the shape of the stone is different, and the position to check in is a bit prone. Of course, going up is another sight. Climbing the stone skylight seems extremely dangerous, or it may require very dexterous skills, but those who have been there will know that the geographical environment is very safe in fact, and the place where there are stones. standing and taking pictures It’s also easy to find a balance point, but the visual and picture effects are quite amazing! Why not punch in and pretend to be a climbing master!

The Stone City Scalper looks very impressive from the bottom

The Stone City Scalper looks very impressive from the bottom

yellow cow mountain stone skylight

yellow cow mountain stone skylight

Huangniu Mountain has a panoramic view of Shatian Buffalo Mountain sitting on the landscape of Baisha Bay

After visiting Shitianchuang, you might want to take a longer hiking trail and then climb Buffalo Mountain. It’s also a very rewarding and easy continuous hike. Buffalo Mountain and Huangniu Mountain are only 2 meters apart! Wong Niu Shan can have a panoramic view of Sha Tin, while Buffalo Hill has an open view of Pak Sha Wan and Sai Kung. The views are very impressive! The ridge part of Huangniu Mountain is relatively easy and can be climbed slowly, but Buffalo Mountain needs to climb up and down several peaks, and the slope is slightly inclined, which requires physical strength and has overgrown with weeds. Long wear is recommended. trousers If you turn back, you can follow the same road back to Huaxinkeng to Huangnaitou to take a bus to other areas.

The scenery of Huangniu Mountain and Buffalo Mountain is ever-changing and spectacular

The scenery of Huangniu Mountain and Buffalo Mountain is ever-changing and impressive

Climbers walking through miscanthus

Climbers walking through miscanthus

You can see the whole sea area of ​​Saigon in high definition days

You can see the whole sea area of ​​Saigon in high definition days

The distant view is Ma'anshan, and even Baxianling can be seen

The distant view is Ma’anshan, and even Baxianling can be seen

Tip about the trip

Route: Huangnitou → Huaxinkeng → Huangniu Mountain → Huangniu Stone City → Buffalo Mountain → Huaxinkeng → Huangnitou

Distance: Approximately 6 kilometers in total

Time: about 4.5 hours

How to get there: Take bus No. 83K in Sha Tin city center, or take bus No. 82K/83X/86/89D in various areas to Wong Nai Tau; or take minibus 65A/65K from Sha Tin city center or Fo Tan MTR Station to Wong Nai Tau.

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