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‘Average Age 18.5’ Rightsome, Sandara Park-Seo Eunkwang and Generation Gap Moment (‘Idol League’) – SPOTVNEWS

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▲ Rightsome will appear in ‘Idol League’ broadcast on the 26th. Provided|STATV

[스포티비뉴스=김원겸 기자]’Cube Enter Express Rookie’ Lightsome is scrambled to Star TV’s ‘Idol League’.

Although Right Some debuted on the 10th, the recording of ‘Idol League’ will be held on the 8th, two days before that, and will show 200% of the freshness of a new girl group that just debuted. In ‘Idol League’, where Seo Eun-kwang, director of Cube Entertainment, took on the role of MC, did he prove that Right Some was a ‘bearing cotyledon’? This week’s ‘Idol League’, which is expected to be a chemistry between Seo Eun-kwang and his junior group Light Some, will be broadcast on Star TV (STATV) at 8 pm on the 26th.

As soon as Lightsome greeted them, they expressed their anticipation by saying, “I was able to appear on the recommendation of (Seo Eunkwang) director.” Eunkwang Seo’s clown didn’t know that he was going to come down to the great performance of his junior in his agency, Lightsome. In the ‘I want to know the lightsome’ section, where you can find out the individuality and charm of each member, when the answer to the question about choosing cola or cider was exactly 4 to 4, Seo Eun-kwang said, “This is also a good relationship,” and not one small point. It introduces the ‘tweezers compliment’ not to be missed. Watching Lightsome perfectly digest the choreography of the seniors of his agency, he made the recording studio warm with ‘self-congratulations’, which was admiring, “Which company is this?”

The generation gap between the two MCs of ‘average age of 18.5’, Sandara Park, and Seo Eunkwang, also drew attention. Rightsome failed the mission by hesitating at the corner where he had to say three wishes in a short time, while Sandara Park said at once, “Make a lot of money, lose belly fat, and go play.” Seo Eun-kwang went beyond this and said about 10 wishes, causing laughter. In particular, it is said that he mentioned “coin rice cakes” as his first wish, and in one word, showed the aspect of a ‘steamed adult’ properly. This was not the only ‘generation gap moment’. Rightsome was bewildered when Sandara Park’s ‘KISS’ came out as a mission song in the corner where the song lyrics were guessed. The song released in 2009 was so unfamiliar to Rightsome, who were all born in the 2000s. Jian, the youngest born in 2006, even cried, saying, “This song came out when I was four years old.”

The appearance of Right Some, armed with ‘Sir Seo’ Seo Eun-kwang’s super praise and refreshing charm, can be seen on the 26th at 8 pm on STATV’s ‘Idol League’. Star TV (STATV) can be viewed on KT Olleh TV No. 89, SK Btv No. 137, and LG U+tv No. 99. Channel numbers for other platforms can be found on the official website (www.statv.co.kr).

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