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“Avoid, stop, and chuckle”… ‘Level 4’ first road challenge

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A car that moves by itself without the driver’s control is called an ‘autonomous driving car’.

It is divided into six levels from 0 to 5 depending on the level of technology, and many of the vehicles sold now are evaluated at a level slightly above Level 2, which keeps the lane while the driver is watching and runs at a set speed.

Level 3 requires the driver to keep an eye on it only when requested by the system, and levels 4 through 5 reach the ‘Highly Automated’ and ‘Fully Automated’ levels.

Usually, it can be called a fully autonomous car from the 4th stage, but today (27th), this 4th stage driving test was conducted on a real road for the first time.

Reporter Lee Ji-eun visited.


A car driving on a city road.

The steering wheel moves automatically without any intervention.

Before turning right, send pedestrians first, and when you see a construction section, slowly avoid it.

[서다빈/자율주행차 연구원 : “공사 구간이라는 걸 (주변) 환경에서 통신으로 보내주고 있거든요. 미리 좀 피해야겠다(고 판단하는 것입니다).”]

The car automatically slows down and stops when he encounters a child who was obscured by illegal parking at the crosswalk.


An ambulance quickly follows, changing lanes and clearing the road.

Vehicles continued to drive at a speed of less than 50 km/h, avoiding pedestrians and obstacles coming from everywhere.

It is the principle that the vehicle recognizes the surrounding environment and operates by receiving communication information from equipment mounted on traffic lights and road CCTVs.

Level 4 autonomous driving that can move without driver assistance as long as communication is smooth.

It is a technology developed by domestic researchers for over two years, and on the first road trip, it ran smoothly for a round-trip 2km section.

[신재곤/자동차안전연구원 자율주행차 연구단장 : “‘우회전 하게 되면 블랙아이스(도로 결빙)가 있다, 아니면 보행자가 있고 사고차가 있다’ 하는 정보를 주면서 차는 좀 더 안전하게 갈 수 있는 실질적 효과를 가져올 수 있고요.”]

However, technical limitations remain, such as the inability to send and receive communication at night or in bad weather, and there are still challenges to be solved before entering into fully autonomous driving.

This is Lee Ji-eun from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Jo Eun-kyung / Video Editing: Seo Jeong-hyeok / Graphics: Kim Ji-hoon Lee Geun-hee

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