Awami League has no place to escape: Dr. martyrdom

Chittagong Metropolitan BNP convenor Dr. Shahadat Hossain said that not only the people of the country but the whole world now wants to see free, fair, participatory and acceptable elections in Bangladesh. This demand is now not limited to a few world leaders. It is now being discussed among the world’s 160 world leaders.

He said this while speaking at the preparatory meeting of Chittagong Metropolitan BNP aimed at making the 45th anniversary program of BNP successful on September 1 at the party office grounds at Nasimon Bhavan, adjacent to Kazir Deuri in the city on Tuesday (August 29) afternoon.

Dr. Shahadat said that 160 world leaders are the pride of Chittagong Nobel laureate Dr. Md. The harassment case of Yunus has been suspended and the letter has been written to hold fair elections in the country. Now Awami League has no place to escape. They have done nothing for the people of the country. He looted people’s money and smuggled it abroad. Built a building abroad. The people of the country have an account of these. Account should be given in Karaya-Ganda.

He said, when the news of an industrialist businessman was hot for money laundering abroad, in the meantime, an adviser of Awami League took 22 thousand crores from Janata Bank while avoiding everyone’s eyes. He had looted the stock market before. They have a syndicate. They have smuggled thousands of rupees abroad. In the name of looting in the name of quick rental of electricity, Parliament has again enacted its impunity law, so that they cannot be prosecuted.

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The BNP leader said that they can alter the constitution to make everything legal. The constitution is now limited to a caretaker government. We want to say that it is clearly written in the constitution that if the president dissolves the parliament during the crisis of the country, the members of the parliament will have no more work. Cabinet will be automatically dissolved. A new cabinet can then be formed. An interim government may be created through the Constitution. But Awami League wants to stay in power by force.

Chittagong Metropolitan BNP convening committee member. Chittagong Metropolitan BNP member secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar also spoke at the meeting organized under the direction of Kamrul Islam.

At this time Chittagong Metropolitan BNP senior joint convener Alhaj MA Aziz, joint convener Syed Azam Uddin, SM Saiful Alam, Shafikur Rahman Swapan, Yachin Chowdhury Liton, Md. Shah Alam, Iskandar Mirza, Abdul Mannan, member of the convening committee Zainal Abedin Zia, Haji Md. Ali, Mahbub Alam, Niaz Md. Khan, Iqbal Chowdhury, Ashraf Chowdhury, RU Chowdhury Shaheen, Ahmadul Alam Chowdhury Russell, Anwar Hossain Lipu, Gazi Md. Siraj Ullah, Manzoor Alam Chowdhury Monju, Mahanagar Youth Dal President Mosharraf Hossain Dipti, Volunteers Dal President HM Rashed Khan, General Secretary Belayet Hossain Bulu, Divisional Sramik Dal General Secretary Sheikh Nurullah Bahar and others were present.

Iqbal Hussain/EA/MS

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