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June 1, 2023


On June 1, the final game of the 3rd BFA Women’s Baseball Asian Cup was held at the Sarashaowan Yurakujo in Hong Kong, where the Japanese Samurai Women’s National Team defeated Chinese Taipei 8-3 to win their 3rd championship in 3 consecutive tournaments to decorate the

They won 12-1 in the Super Round, but last year’s (2018) Women’s Baseball World Cup second leg, Chinese Taipei, showed stubbornness on this day.
In the top of the first inning, starting pitcher Rocho Tanaka (ZENKO BEAMS) doubled sharply and high, resulting in a pinch hitter from 3rd base with 1 out. Here, Chinese Taipei dared to squeeze from a full account. However, Rocho Tanaka said, “I could see the runner on third base running, and it was the signal from the slider, so I could miss him.” base is quiet and double play. I got out of the pinch without conceding the first goal.
In the second inning, Yuki Kawabata (Kyushu Honeys), Haruna Tadano (Tokai NEXUS), and Tamaki Muramatsu (Hatsukaichi Sun Blaze) created opportunities for the bases loaded with two outs, and Kawabata and co-captain Ayaka Deguchi (Saitama Seibu Lions Ladies ), who acts as manager, carried them in front of the center and both survived. It made an important starting point.
In the following three innings, Iori Miura (Hanshin Tigers Women) created a chance with an infield hit, and Yukina Izumi (Awaji BRAVE OCEANS) added a point in timely fashion. Here, director Risa Nakashima said, “I wanted to fold right away,” and appointed the quick-footed Miu Tanaka (Yomiuri Giants) as a pinch runner for Izumi. In response to expectations, Tadano carried the ball into the middle and Miu Tanaka survived. He also scored from two points this time.
In the 4th inning, Yaya Kojima (Kyushu Honeys) and Kae Iwami (Saitama Seibu Lions Ladies) displayed a fluid combination on the front defense to stop a double, and behind that, Iwami and Deguchi hit consecutively. From there, they created chances and scored extra points due to the opponent’s mistakes, extending the lead to 6 points.
Rocho Tanaka, the starting pitcher, also pitched out of danger after the second inning, and played the starting pitcher’s role with no runs in the fifth inning.

Mizuki Bando (Hanshin Tigers Women) competes from the 6th inning. There were some subtle doubles and balks, but after stopping the following and keeping it to 3 points, the batting line pushed out again behind him. Kojima’s pinch hit and Miwa Naraoka’s (Kyushu Honeys) double hit the fence for 2 runs.
In the end, the match ended with a double play of 6 (Iwami) → 4 (Tadano) → 3 (Kawabata), which seemed to symbolize the high defense of the Japan Samurai Women’s National Team.

Japan’s Samurai Women’s National Team won their 3rd consecutive title for the 3rd time in a row, giving them a big boost towards the group stage of the 9th WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup, which will be held in Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture in September.

Coach/Player Comments

Directed by Risa Nakashima

“I am very proud. The team building I have been working on since I took over as manager in 2020 was able to produce results in this Asian Cup first. I was able to play without giving up , and I was able to accumulate points where I could have a good batting line-up. This is a passing point, so I will switch straight to September.”

Co-captain Ayaka Deguchi (Saitama Seibu Lions Ladies).

“I’m honestly happy. I was able to hit when I had the chance today, and it was good as a team and as an individual. I think the reason why we won the championship was that in addition to great power every individual, the strength of the team was high. This is a passing point, so we want to improve our teamwork again for September and play together so that as many people as possible can think, ‘Women’s baseball is fun.'”

Rocho Tanaka (ZENKO BEAMS) wins tournament MVP pitcher leader

“I’m very happy. I was the leader of the pitcher, but I thought I could get the ball through the way I was throwing rather than words. It’s been a long time since I was able to play in the tension that is unique to international games, and it was a good experience. In order to take the lead and make women’s baseball more exciting, we have to work harder, so I think the victory will this is a good move.”

3rd BFA Women’s Asian Baseball Cup

Meeting players summary

Tournament period

Between May 21st and June 1st, 2023

Group B

Friday, May 26 12:00 Japan 10-0 Korea
Saturday, May 27 13:00 Japan 7-1 Philippines
Sunday, May 28 16:00 Indonesia 0-27 Japan
* Start time is Japan time (Hong Kong: time difference -1 hour)

super round

Tuesday, May 30 19:00 Chinese Taipei 1-12 Japan
Wednesday, May 31 16:00 Japan 15-0 Hong Kong
* Start time is Japan time (Hong Kong: time difference -1 hour)


Thursday, June 1 15:00 Japan 8-3 Chinese Taipei
* Start time is Japan time (Hong Kong: time difference -1 hour)


Hong Kong

appearance country

primary round

Group A: India, Malaysia, Thailand
Group B: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

final round

Group A: Chinese Taipei, China, Hong Kong
Group B: Japan, South Korea, Philippines


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