“AYANEO Slide” with QWERTY screen slide type equipped with Ryzen 7000 series will appear soon

AYANEO released the actual machine of the Android-equipped game machine “AYANEO Pocket Air” below.

Android-equipped organic EL game machine “AYANEO Pocket Air” was released to the public

From AYA, which has released a large number of gaming UMPCs (portable gaming PCs), the company’s first Android-equipped model “AYANEO Po …

As for “AYANEO Slide”, which the company has been announcing the development of for a long time, the appearance is close, some new information, and rendering images have been released.

First, the main body is as shown below.

Like the WIN 4 GPD, you can usually use it as a general gaming UMPC like ↓, and when you want to enter characters, you can slide the screen to open it.

The first feature of this machine is that the angle of the screen can be adjusted.

As well as being played by holding it with both hands, it is designed to be easy to use even when placed on a desk.

Additionally, AMD Ryzen 7000 series is said to be adopted for SoC. It seems to have a higher processing performance than the Ryzen 7 6800U, which is currently mainstream in this category.

As for Ryzen 7000, it is clear from AOKZOE that the new model “AOKZOE A1 Pro”, announced in ↓, uses it.

Announcing UMPC gaming “AOKZOE A1 Pro” with Ryzen 7000 series![A2 llai hefyd]

The “AOKZOE A1” reviewed in ↓ is a high-performance Ryzen 7 6800U that has a relatively reasonable price of the first half of 100,000 yen.

Crowdfunding will probably start on Indiegogo.

Terminals with sliding screens appear one after another, as long as I’m happy.

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