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Ayodhi Movie | The title poster of the new movie ‘Ayodhi’ starring Sasikumar has been released

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The title poster of the new movie ‘Ayodhi’ starring Sasikumar has been released. The film is directed by R Manthira Murthy.

Madhesh Manikyam is the cinematographer of the film. The film is produced under the banner of Trident Arts. But no information has been released about the other actors who will be starring in the film.

Suraj Venjaramoodu, Indrajith Sukumaran; ‘Pathamvalavu’ first look has been released

Suraj Venjaramoodu and Indrajith Sukumaran were made heroes and Joseph was succeeded by M. The first look of the movie ‘Pathaam Valavu’ directed by M. Padmakumar has been released. Abhilash Pillai has penned the script for the film which is based on an actual incident that shocked the conscience of Kerala years ago. Guest Ravi and Swasika are the heroines.

U.G.M. The film is produced by Dr. Zachariah Thomas, Sreejith Ramachandran, Jijo Kavanal and Prince Paul under the banner of Productions. MMS is a joint venture between Nitin Kenny, the producer of films like Rustam and Lunch Box.

The cinematography of the film is by Ratheesh Ram. After Joseph, Ranjin Raj is once again composing music for Padmakumar’s film.

Ajmal Ameer and Aneesh G are set to star in a family emotional thriller. Starring Menon, Sudhir Karamana, Sohan Seenu Lal, Major Ravi, Rajesh Sharma, Edavela Babu, Nandan Unni, Jayakrishnan, Shaju Sridhar, Nishtar Ahmed, Thushara Pillai and Ambili. Actress Mukta’s daughter Kiara makes her acting debut in the 10th round.

The final phase of the film is being shot in Thodupuzha. Editor – Shamir Mohammad, Project Design Noble Jacob -, Costume Designer – Aisha Shafeer, Art Rajeev Kovilakam, Makeup Jitesh Poiya, PRO – Athira Diljith.

Also read: At the age of 88, P.K. Medini sings; The song from the movie ‘Fire’ has been released

PK, who led a lifelong struggle for national independence and liberation. At the age of eighty-eight, PK Medini released a song for the new generation.

Anil V is a message song that touches the conscience in order to live in abundance of nature and good and to ward off evil. Prepared for the movie ‘Thee’ directed by Nagendran.

Anil V said that the song has been sung in schools, colleges, libraries, libraries, cultural, environmental and voluntary organizations. Nagendran said.


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