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The variation 1.06 update features enhanced sport steadiness and in-activity balance adjustments, and has been released on PlayStation®4/PlayStation®5/Xbox Just one/Xbox Series X platforms | S/Steam®.

Summary of the contents of the update file:

▼ Supplemental elements

・ Included a purpose to ship Summoning Tokens to many parts where the Tokens obtain (including distant locations).

※ When working with this perform to send the guidance ticket to a distant place, only the accumulating area of the “Mongwen Dynasty” ticket is excluded.

・ Additional a perform to try to conquer a broader space (including distant locations).

・In addition to the first multiplayer video game invasion mode, the new NPC can be performed soon after defeating a new NPC

“White Mask” Supporter Lei conspiracy.

▼ Equilibrium adjustment

・ The Good Sword, Great Curved Sword, and Great Hammer have been modified as follows:

・Except for soar attack, double blade assault, and mounting, lower all assaults until eventually you can roll

essential time.

・Except when mounted, the motion pace of major assault and charged assault has been increased.

・Increase the execution velocity of defensive counterattacks.

・Increases the movement velocity of all assaults apart from the ax soar attack, double sword attack, and when established,

And cut down the time it normally takes to roll immediately after an assault.

・ Set the rolling motion distance when the bodyweight of the tools is light-weight.

・Upgrade the attack range of “Secret Pata Sword” “Unstoppable Blade” weapon overcome talent.

・Expand the range of the magic areas of the preventing skills “Pyroxene Demon” and “Pyroxene Comet”, and decrease the energy and the enemy

diploma of dread.

・Revised the movement distance and invincible time of the “Hound Footwork” battling method, and added the next mechanisms:

・Performance will lessen with ongoing use.

・ When the excess weight of the tools is light-weight, the going length will increase.

・Reduced the activation interval when continually using the “Smashing Move” preventing technique.

Movement-centric efficiency, and add the next mechanics:

・Performance will lessen with continued use.

・ When the pounds of the gear is light-weight, the moving length will raise.

・The electric power and cumulative amount of bleeding of the beat talent “Blend Throughout the Wilderness” have been revised down in the blood blade component, and the blade aspect has been revised down a minimal.

・Reduced the monitoring overall performance of the “Destruction Meteor” magic to the focus on.

▼ Repair the irregular situation

・Fixed an irregular condition in which some assaults from the “Lucerne Halberd” weapon did not set the effect of penetrating the enemy’s defense.

・Fixed an issue where by the bounce attack was tougher than expected when keeping the “Hound Tooth” weapon with both hands to result in the enemy to get rid of balance

abnormal ailment.

・Fixed that when employing the combat technique “Block” with a short sword, the outcomes of the fight techniques “Solve” and “Knight of the King’s Resolve” would be damaged

abnormal condition.

・Fixed that in the ax and ax double sword assault, some results from magic, battle competencies, and things ended up not mirrored thoroughly

abnormal predicament.

・Fixed an abnormal problem the place resisting enemy assaults was more difficult than expected when holding a halberd with both equally fingers and launching a defensive counterattack.

・ Fastened an irregular predicament in which the physical assault attributes of some weapons have been various from the characteristics in the description.

・Fixed a circumstance wherever it was straightforward to be found by the enemy even if you have been crouched when the “Rest Robe” armor was geared up.

・Fixed that when the “Slumber Robe” armor is outfitted, if a flail weapon is employed for a billed attack, the ally character will be blocked.

An irregular point out of staying injured.

・Fixed an irregular circumstance in which HP would be restored when tools was transformed to a precise piece of armor.

・ Preset an abnormal situation where the influence of the “Hypnotic Smoke” overcome method applied to the weapon would vanish when the participant character was attacked.

・ Fixed irregular condition in which the player character’s movement would grow to be unstable when the overcome strategy “Ignite Religious Fireplace” hits a certain enemy.

・Fixed a issue when the “Queen’s Black Flame” fighting technique was used even though the FP was inadequate, it was impossible to reactivate the pursuit.

irregular problem.

・Fixed that when the fight system “Samir Ice Storm” is utilised in a condition of insufficient FP, it is a lot easier to resist enemy assaults than anticipated

abnormal scenario.

・ Set an irregular circumstance where by the effects of magic or goods positioned on the appropriate hand weapon would be reflected on the left weapon when particular fight methods were utilized.

・ Mounted irregular condition wherever the FP consumption exhibited by a specified combating approach was diverse from the true usage.

・ Mounted an abnormality where the “Blast Rock” magic could be applied with out working with FP when the left hand had a staff members and the ideal hand was unarmed.


・ Fastened an abnormal situation where the electrical power usage when making use of the “Black Flame Ritual” prayer even though charging was the identical as when not working with charging.

・Fixed the damage caused by objects or prayers other than “Pink Dewdrop Chalice” when activating “Marinia’s Great Rune”

An abnormal issue the place the sum of HP recovered is minimized.

・ Fastened irregular problem where the problems reduction rate of physical assaults would not increase when utilizing “Pearl Challenging Dew Drops”.

・ Fixed an abnormal situation the place it was extremely hard to jump in the air though using below selected instances.

・Fixed an abnormal situation where by the outsized weapon’s jump attack would sometimes strike two times in a row when positioned.

・ Mounted an abnormal condition wherever many equivalent marks have been in some cases exhibited in the mark cluster.

・ Fastened an irregular condition wherever the attack effects of certain combat techniques would go on to appear below sure circumstances.

・ Mounted irregular situation the place Altina’s “Ritual Town” monitor high quality would be drastically lessened under certain circumstances.

・ Fastened an irregular scenario in which the fern dropped on death could not be recovered under particular instances.

・Fixed an irregular condition the place you could go to an inaccessible area in the plot of a certain place throughout on the web multiplayer.

・ Set irregular circumstance the place the boundaries and options of the region where the multiplayer can engage in are diverse throughout multiplayer play.

・ Mounted an irregular scenario wherever the rendering and steps of some enemies have been diverse from the options.

・Fixed an irregular condition exactly where incorrect sound effects had been performed in some scenes.

・Fixed an abnormal predicament in which the character could die owing to a normal procedure failure in some destinations.

・Fixed an irregular situation in which render and assault judgments and settings were unique in some maps.

・ Fastened irregular situation in which in some maps, you can reach the unreachable spots in the area by means of a certain sequence of operations.

・Fixed an abnormal predicament wherever mouse enter was mirrored soon after the match window was activated when there was a personnel mark or holy mark in the Computer edition.

・ Improved recreation efficiency and preset other anomalies.

▼ Other

・ Additional product names for unlawful objects[ERROR]typeface.

※ Update 1.04 has corrected the irregular predicament wherever illegal items that are unable to be acquired throughout the regular video game can be provided to other players.

Just after the launch of this update file, individuals in possession of the above fly props will be warned / quarantined at any time.Prior to the launch of update 1.04 of

If other players have obtained the higher than things, execute “Reject” from the storage bag menu.

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