Ayumu Iwasa Retires from FIA Formula 2 Sprint Race in Monza due to Engine Trouble

Ayumu Iwasa Forced to Retire from FIA Formula 2 Championship Race in Monza

Qualifying Disappointment

On Friday, September 1st, Ayumu Iwasa, the talented Red Bull F1 training driver and Honda Formula Dream Project (HFDP) driver, faced a challenging qualifying session in preparation for Round 13 of the FIA Formula 2 Championship in Monza, Italy. Unfortunately, Iwasa’s machine failed to deliver the expected speed, leaving him in 13th position after the first set. In the second set, a frustrating traffic situation hindered his ability to attack, ultimately resulting in a 15th-place finish in the qualifying session.

Race Day Struggles

Starting the sprint race from the 8th row, in 15th place, Iwasa encountered further difficulties. With air temperatures at 27℃ and road surface temperatures reaching 36℃, the conditions were far from ideal. Losing a few positions during the initial lap, Iwasa found himself in 16th place. Soon after, a safety car was introduced due to a machine stopping on the track, suspending the race from the second lap. The race resumed on the 5th lap, presenting Iwasa with an opportunity.

On the 6th lap, tire problems afflicted the leading cars, allowing Iwasa to climb into 15th place. Eager to advance further, he persisted in closing the gap between himself and the car ahead, hoping for an opportunity to overtake. However, his progress was hindered on the 11th lap due to unfavorable train-like conditions, causing Iwasa to slow down. Furthermore, a technical issue with his machine surfaced on the 12th lap, leading him to significantly drop positions and ultimately retire from the race.

Despite the disappointment of retiring, Iwasa maintained his third-place standing in the overall championship standings, although a mere 3 points separated him from fourth place. Reflecting on the unfortunate engine trouble, Iwasa explained, “An exhaust leak caused damage to the wiring and electrical system, resulting in reduced power.” Describing the situation as an unforeseeable stroke of bad luck, Iwasa acknowledged the challenge of accelerating from the start and overtaking the competition.

Looking ahead, Iwasa expressed his determination to overcome the ongoing struggles, declaring, “We have yet to showcase our true performance. The team and I are doing everything necessary to rectify this situation. I firmly believe that my efforts will yield results. Therefore, I will adjust my mindset and face tomorrow’s feature race with renewed resolve. Giving up is not an option, so I will diligently prepare and strive for a points finish.”

Ayumu Iwasa retired from the sprint race of Round 13 of the FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship in Monza, Italy. Qualifying took place on Friday, September 1st. Ayumu Iwasa, Red Bull F1 training driver and Honda Formula Dream Project (HFDP) driver, was 13th in the first set because his machine did not have the speed he expected. In the second set, he was unable to attack due to traffic jams at the end of the session, and finished 15th in qualifying.

As a result, the sprint race started from 15th place in the 8th row. The formation lap of the sprint race began under conditions of 27℃ air temperature and 36℃ road surface temperature. From the start to the 1st corner, Ayumu Iwasa lost some positions and finished the first lap in 16th place. On the first lap, a machine stopped on the track, so the safety car was introduced from the second lap. The race restarted on the 5th lap. On the 6th lap, the leading cars slowed due to tire problems. Ayumu Iwasa moved into 15th place and closed the gap with the car in front of him looking for an opportunity to overtake. Ayumu Iwasa, who had been running in 15th place, slowed down on the 11th lap as the front and rear were in train condition and it was difficult to get out. There was a problem with the machine, and on the 12th lap, he dropped his position significantly and the pit stopped. Repairing the machine in the pit was difficult, and Iwasa got off the machine and retired. Ayumu Iwasa, who had a disappointing result, managed to retain 3rd place in the overall standings, but was close to 3 points behind 4th place. Ayumu Iwasa retires due to engine trouble “An exhaust trouble caused an exhaust leak, which damaged the wiring and electrical system around it and caused the power to drop,” said Ayumu Iwasa. “The problem itself is difficult to predict in advance, so it can only be described as bad luck. We couldn’t say that we accelerated well from the start, and it was still difficult to get past the front. I wanted to see it, but it’s a shame that trouble happened.” “The reason why the poor flow continues is that we haven’t been able to show our performance properly. Me and the team are doing what they need to do. I believe that if I do it, I will get results, so I would like to change my mind and face the feature race tomorrow. Of course, I’m not giving up, so I’ll prepare well and aim for points.”

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