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New Delhi: The Ministry of AYUSH has clarified the controversy surrounding the granting of permission to specialized Ayurvedic doctors to perform treatment, including general surgery. According to a notification issued by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), the amendment applies only to 58 surgical procedures.

Fifty-eight general surgeries were approved by doctors with postgraduate degrees in surgery (surgery) and surgery (ENT, dentistry). The Indian Medical Association had criticized the notification. It also banned allopathic doctors from teaching in colleges that teach other therapies.

The IMA’s protest was prompted by a repeated statement in a notification prepared by the CCIM that it was using terminology for modern medicine. IMA is not opposed to anyone developing their own surgical method. However, the IMA National Secretary-General said that the National Medical Commission should clarify the issue and not allow the treatment to be confused. RV Ashokan said.

At the same time, the Ministry of AYUSH’s response was to reject the arguments raised by the IMA. The 58 treatments that were earlier part of the Ayurveda PG syllabus have now been made part of the regulation. This is to ensure the training of doctors as well. No complaints have been received in this regard.

The right to inherit scientific terminology belongs to mankind. The words of allopathy were also included to make them understandable to the public. The Ministry of AYUSH has clarified that there is no problem in confusing the treatments.

There is nothing wrong with Ayurvedic doctors using the services of an anesthesiologist for surgery. There is no impediment to this in practice or legally. Ayurvedic hospitals use the services of allopathic doctors in 8 departments including emergency department and gynecology. It is not uncommon for different therapies to help and benefit each other.

-P.N. Ranjith Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH


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