“B-21 stealth technology intensive… No bomber can match.”

The US Department of Defense held an unveiling event for the B-21 Radar in Palmdale, California on the 2nd (local time). Provided by the US Department of Defense

On the 2nd (local time), the United States unveiled the B-21 Raider, a next-generation stealth strategic bomber developed for the first time in 30 years since the end of the Cold War. The B-21, which is evaluated as an ‘integration of existing stealth technology’, is known to be equipped with hypersonic nuclear weapons missiles and tactical nuclear weapons, and can covertly bomb the core of enemy lines.

● US defense “There is no bomber like it”

US Defense Secretary Austin attends the ‘B-21 Radar’ unveiling event and delivers a congratulatory speech. Provided by the US Department of Defense

On this day, the US Air Force held a B-21 release ceremony at the Northrop Grumman plant in Popdale, which was attended by US Secretary of Defense Lois Austin and others. After a celebratory flight by the three major US strategic bombers, the B-52, B-1B and B-2, the hangar was opened and the B-21 was revealed. “It’s not just a plane,” Austin said. It is the culmination of stealth technology of the last 50 years,” he said. “It is evidence of the continued superiority of US military power. No other bomber can match it.”

The US currently operates the world’s only stealth strategic bomber, the ‘B-2 Spirit’. The B-21 is a new stealth bomber developed 30 years after the first flight of the B-2 in July 1989. The US media reported that the B-21 had strong stealth capabilities to neutralize the anti-aircraft surveillance networks of the enemy If the 52.4m wide B-2 is detected by radar as the size of a bird, the B-21 is recognized as the size of a golf ball and can fly into enemy lines at any time without being detected and drop nuclear weapons.

US media reported that the B-21 can be piloted unmanned and can be quickly loaded with new weapons at any time through online upgrades. Cloud computing and data integration technologies are also known to be applied to immediately respond to newly detected targets during operations. Developer Northrop Grumman said it was “the sixth generation aircraft and the world’s first digital bomber.”

Politico, a US political media outlet, said, “The B-21 kept most of its information secret so that neither China nor Russia could steal the blueprint or find a way to shoot it down.” On this day, only about 600 people who were invited through preliminary screening attended. They had to watch the B-21 from 23m away from the stage. The B-21 remained in the hangar throughout the delivery ceremony and could only be seen from the front.

The price per B-21 is about 690 to 700 million dollars (about 898.4 billion to 900 billion won), which is cheaper than the B-2, which is 2 billion dollars (about 2.6 trillion won) to win). The US Air Force plans to acquire and operate at least 100 B-21s. Bloomberg analyzed, “It will cost at least 203 billion dollars (about 264 trillion won) over 30 years.” The nickname of the B-21 ‘Raider’ is derived from the American ‘Doolittle Raiders’ that bombed Japan during the Second World War on April 18, 1042.

The US Department of Defense held an unveiling event for the B-21 Radar in Palmdale, California on the 2nd (local time). Provided by the US Department of Defense

● “Sortie when China invades Taiwan”

The unveiling of the B-21 by the United States is interpreted as an attempt to demonstrate the United States’ nuclear deterrence against China’s military buildup, North Korea’s nuclear weapons development, and Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons. “If China decides to attack Taiwan, the US will be able to respond immediately with the B-21,” Politico said. The Associated Press evaluated, “The B-21 is the Pentagon’s answer to the growing concern about conflict with China.” The British daily Guardian said, “The B-21 will be a key asset for the United States in responding to China’s military build-up.” Bruce Bennett, a senior researcher at the US-based Rand Institute, told Radio Free Asia (RFA) on the 1st that it is “a weapon that will neutralize North Korea’s air defense system.”
Reporter Lee Eun-taek [email protected]

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