B.Grimm Power is investing more than 400 million in a ‘Solar Power Plant’ in Korea.

B.Grimm Power spends more than 400 million baht investmentsolar power plantin Korea increase production capacity 98.99 MW Expand the portfolio of “renewable energy” to reach the goal Net Zero

Dr. Harald’s link B.Grimm President and CEO B.Grimm Power Public Company Limited or BGRIM, has disclosed that B.Grimm Power Korea Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of B.Grimm Power, has acquired shares in Saemangeum Sebit Power Co, Ltd (“the Company”) to invest in a power plant project solar electricity Installed capacity of 98.99 megawatts in the Republic of Korea with a total investment value of 15,371,500,000 Korean won (equivalent to 401,500,000 baht)

which includes the purchase of 624,100 ordinary shares from KB Sprott Solar Power No. 1 Co., Ltd. which are not related persons Purchase of 725,700 non-voting shares from Hyundai E&C Co., Ltd. who is not a related person. and the subscription of 187,350 new ordinary shares of the Company, resulting in B.Grimm Power Korea holding 21.27% of the total ordinary shares. and is entitled to receive dividends of 33.85% in the Company

for this investment In order to expand investment in solar power plants on the ground B.Grimm Power, Saemangeum Sebit Power Co, Ltd has a 20-year power purchase agreement with Korea Electric Power Corporation through the Korea Power Exchange at the Electricity rate is 144.31 and South Korean won (or about 3.8 baht) per kilowatt-hour The solar power plant project has been commercially operational since March 2022.

“B.Grimm Power aims to promote sustainable business growth. under good governance as well as responsible value chain management taking into account the effects in different dimensions, including the economy, society and the environment through the development of clean energy

“This investment is an important step towards entering the South Korean energy market. This is in line with the strategy to expand the renewable energy business in Asia. and increase the customer base and alliances in the renewable energy business In order to achieve the goal of an organization that does not emit carbon dioxide or Net-Zero Carbon Emissions within the year 2050 (2050) and aims to increase production capacity to 10,000 megawatts according to the power purchase agreement By 2030 under the new strategy GreenLeap-Global and Green,” said Dr. Harald Link.


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