B.LEAGUE2022-23 Season Team Staff System Notice | Yokohama B-Corsairs

Thank you for your continued support.
We are pleased to inform you that the team staff system for the B.LEAGUE 2022-23 season has been decided at Yokohama B-Corsairs as follows.

2022-23 season team staff
general manager:Ken Takeda
Head coach:Hayato Aoki
Assistant coach:Igoa Jaretic★ New
Assistant Coach and Assistant General Manager:Kenji Yamada
Analyst:Daiki Ito★ New
interpretation:Kento Yamazawa
Strength & Conditioning Coach:Motohiro Fujita
Head Athletic Trainer:Ken Yoneda★ New
Athletic trainer:Kaede Miyagawa
manager:Hitomi Nakamura
manager:Marin Usui

Ken Takeda General Manager

  • Date of Birth October 5, 1978
    Birthplace Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
    Hometown Kokugakuin Kugayama High School
    → Aoyama Gakuin University

    2001-02 Tokio Marine Big Blue
    2002-05 Niigata Albirex BB
    2005-06 Fukuoka Red Falcons / Matsushita Electric Panasonic Super Kangaroos
    2006-08 Panasonic Super Kangaroos / Panasonic Trians
    2008-14 Link Tochigi Brex
    2009-10 Link Tochigi Brex JBL Champion
    Retired from active duty in 2014
    2014-15 Link Tochigi Brex (Ambassador and Assistant General Manager)
    2015-16 Denso Iris (Assistant Coach)
    2016-21 Yokohama B-Corsairs
    2021 Active duty retirement
    2021-Yokohama B-Corsairs General Manager

    [Representative history]
    June 2009 East Asian Basketball Championship 2nd place
    August 2009 Asian Championship 10th place
    November 2010 4th in Asian Games
    2011 Asian Championship and London Olympics Qualifying 7th

Ken Takeda General Manager Comments

Hello everyone. I’m Ken Takeda, General Manager of Yokohama B-Corsairs. He is very grateful to be on this team again next season. We will do our best to support the players and staff in the new season as well. Thank you for your cooperation.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your continued support and support during the 2021-22 season. There were many parts where I felt that the results up to the 2020-21 season were steadily accumulated, but it was also a season that made me keenly aware that the entire team must continue to grow. In particular, I realized that the team has not yet possessed “toughness” and “stickiness to results.” It may be replaced by the word “toughness”.

Looking back on the numbers, for example, “the low win rate of games with behind at the end of the first half (5 wins, 30 losses, .014)” and “the number of defeat games (5 points difference) by a small margin (small score difference)” The issue appears in places such as “8 games defeated within”). In addition, the numbers such as “Average score per game (76.5 / 20th in the league)”, “Success rate of free throws (67% / 22nd in the league)” and “Number of rebounds (18th in the league)” were also the lowest results in the league. It is not possible to express everything with these numbers alone, but by accumulating improvements in each number, not only will you get the “toughness” and fouls that will bite you even if you are inferior and turn the game over at the end. We believe that we will create a “stickiness to the results” that will surely connect the free throw opportunities obtained from fouls to points, and will lead to victory.

Team formation for the 2022-23 season has been carried out with “toughness” and “focus on results” in mind. We will continue to grow by repeating trial and error so that what we have accumulated up to this season can be tougher and more efficiently linked to victory.

First of all, regarding players, we have signed renewal contracts with many players, but by further elaborating the results they have accumulated so far in better communication, we have grown into a team that can win “toughness” and “results”. I am looking forward to going.

Patrik Auda, Masaaki Morikawa, Kenta Morii, and Kouya Sudo, who will be in the third season, will be given leadership as the backbone of the team.
Always aggressive energy for young players Takeki Ohba, Kai King, and Yuki Kawamura.
For veteran Edward Morris, he will use his many years of experience to produce results.
I hope they will show you each.
In addition, new member Raita Akaho has gained a lot of experience in the top team by further strengthening her blessed body after transferring to Chiba Jets. Believing in himself that he could still grow, he chose Yokohama B-Corsairs. I feel that his body and aspirations are full of “toughness”. I also expect him to play a major role in defending foreign players in guard / forward positions.
For new foreign players, we are preparing positive and energetic players that fit the concept of next season. Please wait a little longer until the announcement.

Next, regarding the team staff, Mr. Hayato Aoki will continue to lead as the head coach. We hope that we will find the optimal solution while making the best use of the characteristics of each player, and add “toughness” to the team to “produce results”. The results are not immediate, and I believe that the best shortcut is to steadily accumulate the right things every day. For that reason, we have also signed renewal contracts with many team staff. I believe that each staff member will devote himself to the players and teams every day, centered on Aoki Head Coach and Jaretic Assistant Coach invited from Alvark Tokyo as a new member.

New assistant coach Igoa Jaretic knows the rigors of the top level, including his experience winning the B League. It is highly expected that his presence will not only support head coach Aoki, but also deepen the confidence of young players and foreign players and raise the standard of the entire team. In addition, regardless of appearance (I’m sorry Jare), the human nature that is very kind and caring is also attractive.

In addition, Ken Yoneda, who has been active in the rugby world for many years, will join the head athletic trainer. I think his experience in tough competitions will be a big help in basketball, and I was very impressed with his determination that he of my generation will try new competitions. .. In addition, I expect that the experience of seeing college players for 12 years will be a great asset for both Beecol, who emphasizes training, and the top team, which has many young players.

Although some players have not been notified yet, we are looking forward to seeing the further grown Yokohama B-Corsairs to everyone in the 2022-23 season with the above players and team staff. We will work together as a team to grasp the goal of participating in the championship more clearly, fight “toughly”, and show the “results”.

Last but not least, Captain Shusuke Ikuhara and Reginald Buckner, who have contributed to the team for many years, and Leyton Hammonds, who joined this season and brought momentum and a new breeze to the team, Ko Masaya Maki, Ryusei Abe, Tokio Tsuchiya, and Ryoichi Nishitani, an assistant coach and Tomoya Yamaguchi athletic trainer, who have earned a great deal of trust from the players, will be leaving the team. We sincerely thank them for their dedication to the team and wish them all the best in the future.

We look forward to your continued support and support for the Yokohama B-Corsairs in the 2022-23 season.

Taketo Aoki Head Coach

  • Hayato Aoki
  • Date of Birth January 29, 1974
    Birthplace Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
    Home school Kamakura Gakuen High School
    → Senshu University

    [Player history]
    1996-00 Daiwa Securities (JBL)
    2000-04 Niigata Albirex (JBL)
    2005-07 Tokyo Apache (bj league)
    2007-08 Oita Heat Devil’s (bj league)
    2008-10 Ryukyu Golden Kings (bj league)
    2010-11 Oita Heat Devil’s (bj league)
    2011-13 Yokohama B-Corsairs (bj league)

    [Coach history]
    2013-15 Yokohama B-Corsairs (bj league) assistant coach
    2015-16 Yokohama B-Corsairs (bj league) head coach
    2016-17 Yokohama B-Corsairs (B League) Head Coach
    2017-21 Niigata Albirex BB Associate Coach
    2021-Yokohama B-Corsairs

Hayato Aoki Head Coach Comments

Thank you for your continued support of Yokohama B-Corsairs.
I will also take command as a head coach for the 2022-23 season. Through basketball, Beecol will work to grow into a club that is indispensable to the community and your life. We look forward to fighting with you in the new season.

Igor Djaletic Assistant Coach

  • Igoa
  • Date of birth September 27, 1971
    Birthplace Montenegro
    Hometown Electro Technical School

    2011-15 Buducnost Voli (Montenegro) Assistant Coach
    2013-15 Montenegro Women’s National Team Assistant Coach
    2015-17 Buducnost Voli (Montenegro) Head Coach
    2017-18 Buducnost Voli (Montenegro) Assistant Coach
    2018-19 Zielona Gora (Poland) Assistant Coach
    2019-22 Alvark Tokyo Assistant Coach / Scouting Coach
    2022-Yokohama B-Corsairs Assistant Coach

Igoa Jaretic Assistant Coach Comments

It’s an honor to be given the opportunity to work in YOKOHAMA B-CORSAIRS for the 2022-23 season.
I will work hard with with my colleagues and players to achieve the best possible result in the upcoming season.
I look forward to work in front of all our wonderful fans. Let’s Go! B-COR!!

I am honored to have the opportunity to fight as a member of the Yokohama B-Corsairs from the 2022-23 season.
We will work hard with the players and team staff to achieve the best results.
We look forward to fighting in front of great fans and boosters. Let’s Go! B-COR !!

Kenji Yamada Assistant Coach and Assistant General Manager

  • Kenji Yamada
  • Date of birth July 28, 1983
    Birthplace Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
    Hometown Yokohama City Minamikibogaoka Junior High School
    → Noshiro Technical High School
    → Hosei University

    [Player history]
    2006-07 Otsuka Shokai Alphas
    2007-11 Tochigi Brex / Link Tochigi Brex
    2011-18 Yokohama B-Corsairs
    2018-19 Hiroshima Dragonfly
    2019.6.30 Retired from active duty

    [Coach history]
    2019-20 Yokohama B-Corsairs Assistant Coach and Team Organizing / Strengthening Coach
    2020- Yokohama B-Corsairs Assistant Coach and Assistant General Manager

Kenji Yamada Assistant Coach and Assistant General Manager Comments

I will also serve as an assistant coach and assistant general manager at Yokohama B-Corsairs in the 2022-23 season. I would like to work with determination and responsibility for one season. I look forward to working with you.

Daiki Ito Analyst

  • Ito Taiki
  • Date of Birth May 7, 1999
    Birthplace Ishikawa Prefecture
    University of Tsukuba

    2022-Yokohama B-Corsairs Analyst

Analyst comment by Daiki Ito

My name is Daiki Ito and I will join Yokohama B-Corsairs as an analyst from the 2022-23 season.
Based on the video and stats analysis, we will not only support the coach but also help each player improve their skills. I look forward to working with you.

Kento Yamasawa Interpreter

  • Kento Yamazawa
  • Date of Birth July 7, 1989
    Birthplace Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
    Hometown Noshiro Technical High School
    → Tokai University

    2013-15 Akita Northern Happinets Interpreter and Manager
    2018-19 Aomori Wat’s Interpreter
    2021-Yokohama B-Corsairs Interpreter

Kento Yamazawa Interpreter Comment

I am Kento Yamazawa, who will also serve as an interpreter for the 2022-23 season as a member of the Yokohama B-Corsairs.
As promised in this season’s joining comment, we will continue to contribute to the victory for the team, centering on the support of foreign players, so please support us next season, which is the second season. Thank you.
Let’s fight together as a team, aiming for a new record that exceeds the number of club wins in the season. Go! B-COR !!

Fujita Motohiro Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Motohiro Fujita
  • Date of Birth May 2, 1985
    Birthplace Saitama Prefecture
    Hometown Lakeland University
    → Waseda University Graduate School

    2012-16 Morinaga & Co., Ltd. Weider Training Lab
    2016-20 Free activity as a performance coach centered on professional / Japanese athletes
    2017-20 Sara Takanashi and other exclusive trainers
    2019 NPO corporation ABC&T established a representative director
    2019-20 Yokohama Resort & Sports College Part-time Lecturer
    2020-21 Kyoto Hannaryz Strength & Conditioning Coach
    2021-Yokohama B-Corsairs Strength & Conditioning Coach

Motohiro Fujita Strength & Conditioning Coach Comments

I will continue to serve as a strength and conditioning coach at Yokohama B-Corsairs in the 2022-23 season.
I think that the level of the B League has also improved further, aiming for the World Cup next year after the Tokyo Olympics last year. We will continue to make further enhancements to what we have accumulated this season so that we can have physical performance that can support the ever-increasing performance of basketball.
Please look forward to the players who will fight harder next season!

Ken Yoneda Head Athletic Trainer

  • Ken Yoneda
  • Date of Birth May 8, 1981
    Birthplace Wakayama Prefecture
    Hometown Osaka Resort & Sports College / Kuretake Acupuncture and Moxibustion College

    2002-09 Kobe Steel Kobelco Kobe Steelers Conditioning Trainer
    2009-11 Amitie SC Trainer
    2011-22 Keio University Head Trainer
    2022-Yokohama B-Corsairs Head Athletic Trainer

Ken Yoneda Head Athletic Trainer Comments

nice to meet you. I am Ken Yoneda, head athletic trainer for Yokohama B-Corsairs from the 2022-23 season. He would like to thank him for giving us such a new opportunity.
This will be my first challenge to the competition, but I will do my best to support the team so that they can contribute to achieving their goals. I look forward to working with you.

Kaede Miyagawa Athletic Trainer

  • Kaede Miyagawa
  • Date of birth February 26, 1998
    Birthplace Kanagawa Prefecture
    Hometown Nebraska University Kearney

    2021-Yokohama B-Corsairs Athletic Trainer

Kaede Miyagawa Athletic Trainer Comments

We are delighted to be able to continue to fight together as a member of the Yokohama B-Corsairs in the 2022-23 season.
We will do our best to help the players play in the best possible condition. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hitomi Nakamura Manager

  • Hitomi Nakamura
  • Date of Birth July 24, 1986
    Birthplace Kanagawa Prefecture
    Hometown Meiji Gakuin University

    2009-15 Kanto Business Group Mediceo Player
    2018-21 Earthfriends Tokyo Z Manager
    2021-Yokohama B-Corsairs Manager

Hitomi Nakamura Manager Comment

I will continue to be the manager of Yokohama B-Corsairs for the 2022-23 season.
To make people who are involved in Beecol and many people who support us smile, to convey the charm to those who do not know Beecol yet, to expand the circle of Beecol, and to more and more people to play basketball. I would like to do my best to make myself feel the fun and help to liven up Japan with basketball.
Thank you for your continued support and support! Go! B-COR!

Marin Usui Manager

  • Marin Usui
  • Date of Birth July 3, 1994
    Birthplace Tochigi Prefecture
    Hometown Hakuoh University

    2017-18 Gunma Crane Thunders Manager
    2018-21 Levanga Hokkaido Manager
    2021-Yokohama B-Corsairs Manager

Marin Usui Manager Comment

I am very pleased to be able to compete as a member of the Yokohama B-Corsairs in the 2022-23 season.
We will do our best to deepen and evolve what all the team staff have done under Takeda GM this season so that Beecol can move forward. Thank you for your support! Go! B-COR!

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