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The above information comes from a study recently published in the journal The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. Data was collected from a population of more than 8.5 million people. More than 181,000 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

In addition, the higher risk did not depend on other factors contributing to the patient’s diabetes, such as being overweight. high blood pressure People who were in good health before contracting COVID are at no less risk.

The figures reported in the study say that out of every 100 people who contract coronavirus, up to 2 will develop symptoms of diabetes within 1 year, which is an example of the long coronavirus… “Long Covid” outside. respiratory system or nervous system known form

If the numbers studied are true The population who will suffer from diabetes will increase significantly. Another important point is that “Diabetes” is an important public health burden. It’s easy to think that…with 1 million people infected with covids, there will be 20,000 new diabetes patients.

“Covid is infected, symptoms are not severe, can be cured. But we still have very little information about this kind of risk. However, you shouldn’t risk getting infected.
for any reason.”

Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana, virologist, NSTDA Post comments on your personal Facebook page. Keep this view open along with reiterating the information that According to studies showing that people who have had COVID-19 have a risk of diabetes as high as 40%, it has led to interest in researching the COVID-19 virus. What do you do with your body after getting infected?

Remember… I read one study showing that Cells called “Beta cells” in the pancreas that make the hormone insulin. For controlling blood sugar levels in normal conditions can be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and destroyed

“…loss of insulin-producing cells That’s why it’s straightforward to explain why people who have already been diagnosed with coronavirus are more likely to get diabetes… How did the virus get to the pancreas? This is a mystery. Because if it can be prevented, this Long Covid situation will probably be more or less preventable.”

Further research found another study on how beta cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 may not cause the cells to die. or lost alone

The surviving “cells” may develop a phenomenon known as “transdifferentiation”

or…in other words, It is a phenomenon that the virus changes the properties of cells to act differently. Beta cells will act to produce the hormone insulin to reduce the amount of sugar in the bloodstream, back to being stimulated by the virus to produce the hormone glucagon … that increases. blood sugar instead

which causes hyperglycemia in coronavirus patients And it may be one of the factors that can be found after the covid is cured. because such cells are still in the patient’s body

Flipped open log files in the middle of the month, the “BA.1” and “BA.2” virus data collectively referred to as the “BA.1” virus. “Omicron”…both But the differences between the two strains, if compared, are actually greater than between the original VOC strains Alpha and Delta or Beta.

This has raised questions from several research teams as to why BA.2 was not identified as a new VOC strain at all. At this time, there is no clear explanation from the WHO, who defines VOCs. Setting up a new VOC will use a different threshold than previous VOC separations.

When both species are both omikrons. It may lead to the understanding that it is a virus that is very close together. Infection from BA.1 may well prevent BA.2 infection or…re-infection is unlikely to occur.

In fact, the information is now starting to be reported enough that Omicron BA.1 infected can be re-infected with omicron BA.2. how often does it happen

It is also interesting that…the infection curve “BA.2” in many European countries has clearly started to return to “uptrend”. This raises the question whether BA.2 is able to escape from BA.1 as little as previously reported or not?

Dr. Anan’s research team at NSTDA received serum samples from BA.1 infected patients from hospitals. which everyone has severe symptoms that need to be admin for treatment After recovering, the medical team kept a sample of the serum. When tested for immunogenicity against BA.1 spike protein-mediated viral agents.

It was found that the samples in this group were high. On average nearly 600, some have reached the thousands. which is a very high value

the same serum sample Tests on the ability to inhibit the virus spike agent of BA.2 found that the mean decreases to 141.2 per person. The inhibition ability varies greatly from 2.5 times to the inability to inhibit BA.2 at all.

On average, the value came out at 4.2 times, which is actually a value greater than the landscape from “Delta”…escapes the landscape from being addicted to “Alpha” again.

The key point is Most of the samples collected from the hospital are from patients with obvious symptoms. But the patient has few symptoms and does Home Isolation at home. The information that comes out is In most cases, immunity to BA.1 is less severe than that of severe symptoms… If it is assumed that immunity from BA.1 infection can be escaped by BA.2 approximately 2-4 times…

“The chances of re-infection with BA.2 in those who have been infected with mild symptoms with BA.1 are likely to exist. I still don’t want you to be careless in protecting yourself because BA.2 is now plentiful. We may come back. reattachable It’s a waste of time to quarantine again.”

To the doubt that…in the case of someone who has received at least 2 injections of vaccine and has been infected with covids… “immunity level” after “curing” is already at a very high level. Especially a group of 3 needles and then went to the Omikron. The landscape will go on for a long time and can prevent the severe symptoms of covids from BA.2 100%.

from this data set (…/10.1101/2022.03.22.22272745v1) Dr. Anan views that there is no need to go for the “4th needle” vaccination after recovery, giving time to “immunity” in the body. get some rest

Covid-19″… the deadly virus is still with us all. is close to be awake defense But don’t be too careless and overwhelmed.

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