BAAC board beats 80 billion to ‘carry’ farmers

BAAC Board approves payments to help rice growers with parallel measures in line with government policy In order to stabilize the price of paddy and sustainably raise the income of rice farmers, a total of 81,265 million baht through a project to support management fees and develop product quality for rice farmers, production year 2022/23 at a rate of 1,000 baht each, up to a maximum of 20 Ra, income insurance program for rice growers, production year 2022/23, credit project to delay the sale of rice paddy and credit project to rice collection and added value creation by the Farmers’ Organization in the 2022/23 production year, with a target of more than 4.68 million households benefiting farmers. Start transferring money to farmers’ accounts from 24 November, ’22 onwards, with the Prime Minister Chairing the first day of money transfer

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