BAAC supports farmer organizations in joint trade negotiations, ADBC, China, Siam Rath

Today (November 25, 2022), Mr. Seksan Chankwang, Deputy Manager of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), the Business Matching meeting for BAAC and ADBC ​​Clients between the Agricultural Development Bank of China. (Agricultural Development Bank of China: ADBC), led by Mr. Zhu yuan yang, Assistant General Manager, ADBC ​​​​and a team with Agricultural Cooperative for Customer Marketing, BAAC Roi Et Co., Ltd., Roi Et Agricultural Cooperatives Co., Ltd, rice harvesting and rice milling operators Distributing and receiving OEM and agricultural cooperatives for marketing customers, BAAC Kamphaeng Phet Co., Ltd., operators who buy fresh cassava and process it into cassava for sale Both farmer organizations are considered entrepreneurs who have certification of production quality in accordance with international standards. And it has the potential to produce products for export. The meeting was negotiated through the VDO Conference system.

This trade negotiation meeting Encourage BAAC customers to expand the scope of doing business from domestic business to international business. and connecting ADBC ​​customers to access production sources and raw materials for quality agricultural products at reasonable prices directly from upstream producers. The companies participating in negotiations include 1) Xiamen Huifeng Industrial Co., Ltd. 2) Guangxi Jinyuan Biochemical Industry Co., Ltd. 3) Jinyimeng Group Co., Ltd. 4) Jiangxi Rice Industry Co., Ltd. 5) Suzhou Wansen Noodle Products Co., Ltd. All of them are clients supported by ADBC ​​Bank. This makes it possible to be confident that it will be a potential partner in terms of capital and purchasing power For the part of the BAAC, it will facilitate the screening of exporters who have the ability to produce and deliver a standard quality product . And take care of international payments for customers from both banks. This meeting is therefore a preliminary collaboration to expand results. Including other major agricultural product markets of BAAC’s future customers

The BAAC and ADBC ​​​​​​​​ have signed an agreement for cooperation in various developments since 2005, be it training, development and improving the efficiency of personnel. Exchange of information and expertise in the context of small and medium business development. extend to customer development in terms of promoting production by using technology and innovation to reduce costs and increase productivity Including marketing links between the customers of the two banks, which in addition to building confidence for customers It also creates opportunities in business and international trade as well.

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